Semifinals at Wimbledon: “Madly Proud”: TC Bredeni Tatjana Has a Fever With Maria

Semifinals at Wimbledon:

Status: 07/07/2022 1:24 PM

At Bredeni Tennis Club, members favor their Bundesliga player Tatjana Maria.

“We are incredibly proud of him and his performance at the club,” said Esther Rekash WDR Broadcast RuhrJo looks after Maria and her quarter-final rival Wimbledon Jule Niemeyer in the Tennis Bundesliga at the Essen club.

It was surprising that two of the club’s players made it to the final eight players’ round in a Grand Slam tournament, but more than that they were “very happy and excited for both”.

After Maria entered the semi-finals, several congratulatory messages were sent to the Bundesliga leader’s WhatsApp group, Rekash confirmed. “Tazana answered them too and I think she sent back 25 hearts.”

Niemeyer right at the start in Bundesliga

There was also quick contact with Niemeyer despite the defeat. “Jul will play for the club in the Bundesliga on Saturday. It’s amazing. She immediately said she wanted to be there and fight for the German championship.”

TC Bredeni are two points ahead of their next rival TK BW Aachen before the last match.

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