Six Nations vs Wales: England’s rugby players and “shocking incompetence”

Six Nations vs Wales: England's rugby players and

The Welsh national rugby team also defeated England in six countries and won the so-called Triple Crown. With 40:24 (17:14) Wales followed up successes against Ireland and Scotland and won against British rivals against a third opponent. England struggled with the controversial referee’s decisions after the game.

Rugby holds the annual Six Nations Informal European Championship, in which Europe’s largest rugby nations participate. France and Italy are also in the beginning. In addition to winning the tournament, four teams from the British Isles play for the optional “Triple Crown”, which is available for three wins against the respective competitors. Even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated him.

The English practically defeated themselves against Wales with plenty of penalties. First he slept through Welsh’s first attempt: After a scandal, Wales were awarded a penalty kick. And when the English players had made themselves comfortable under the penalty bar, Wales’ Dan Biggar immediately played the ball back and kicked on the left hand of Josh Adams, who ran in-goal (16th minute) .

Conflicting verdict

Liaison Owen Farrell of England protested angrily to the umpire: “You have to give us time to get in shape,” he said. However, French referee Pascal Gouzère landed it. As a second attempt, Welshman Liam Williams apparently took a forward pass, which is prohibited from Luis Re-Zamit in rugby, and took it to the final zone (30th). The referee recognized Reem-Zamite’s foot contact, which meant the hit was counted. A controversial decision.

Pharrell scolds again on the field. In an interview with the BBC after the game, however, he held back. “There is no point talking about it now,” he said. “Have to talk about other people.” For example, former England international and now television expert David Flatman: “England was not defeated by Wales,” Flatman said on the BBC. “They were defeated by some surprisingly bad referee decisions and due to their equally amazing inability to do silly, unexpected and uneducated things.”

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Deputy world champions England had already lost their game against Scotland. The loss to Wales was all the more bitter as it is one of the oldest duo in the history of the game. The two teams met for the first time in 1881 136 times. Duality is considered a meeting of two social classes. While rugby is played by almost everyone in Wales, the game in England remains far from the wealthy middle class, as told by Welsh historian, Professor Martin Johns, to SPIEGEL at the 2019 World Cup.

Johns said at the time that it would not make the World Cup final, but would lose to England. But it was a significant victory for the Welsh people not only because of the prestige and the »Triple Crown«. In the Six Nations table, Wales are in first place with 14 points; France is most likely within striking distance with a game with nine points. After a duel (3:15 pm) against a weak Italy on 13 March, Wales will likely play a decisive match against France on 20 March (9:00 pm, Section: DAZN).

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