Sp Spraze 12 – 24 Ulster: Welsh territory brought back to Earth as they are well defeated in the clash of Guinness Pro 14.

Sp Spraze 12 - 24 Ulster: Welsh territory brought back to Earth as they are well defeated in the clash of Guinness Pro 14.

Sp spray came down with a knot on the ground as three attempts saw Ulster win in Swansea.

Toby Booth’s side were looking to get their impressive win on the road against Edinburgh in Round One.

But they were unable to reproduce anywhere near the same level of performance against opponents who took charge ahead and had a clear edge behind them.

Jacob Stockdale, Marcel Cotzi and John Cooney, the three best players of the visitors, all tried to make it, with Cooney providing nine points with boots.

In response sp spray will only be able to recover four fines from Stephen Myler.

Ulster’s evening in Swansea was late in the game when he had skipper Ian Henderson while Dan Evans aimed at the rock on his head. But they were worthy winners.

It was a disappointing attempt by the hosts.

His line-out was run completely wrong, he made a lot of mistakes with the ball in hand and he can guess in the attack.

Booth was drawn to how much work to do before Osprey says they turned the corner.

Both sides participated in the game with confidence, winning fixtures in the opening week.

But Osprey didn’t play with much confidence in the early part, unable to make the move.

Ulster himself wasn’t exactly great, struggling to make a pass stick and deal with greasy situations.

But Osprey opened the scoring eight minutes after accepting the penalty, which put visitors in touch. A number of powerful drives followed where Jacob Stockdale was able to cross it in line before the ball was moved from there.

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There wasn’t much else to get excited about in the opening part.

Passes were skipped, fines were awarded and scrims took too long.

All it says is that Ulster celebrated the award of a scrum penalty as if they had won the World Cup. I wondered how they would react if they were running in a B-meter attempt.

Kuni really missed the resulting kick halfway through.

Within seconds, Sp Spreeze avenged a second Mylar penalty. What could happen if the 10-point half-time deficit is only four points.

But the Welsh team struggled to make anything.

He didn’t have anyone as threatening as Stockdale, who cut the cover twice, making his way through the past before advancing past the Rise Web and Matt Prothoro.

On the charge against Jesse Stock a stockdale sp spray

Ulster was rewarded for his dominance when No. 8 Koetge operated from a short series after an initial loss by Ian Henderson.

The hosts made a difference by sending Devi Lake, Dan Lidiet, Mafu Fia and Harry Morgan, a point of encouragement for them when Mile hit his third penalty.

Minutes later he fired his fourth over, reducing the deficit to four points.

But they lined up two in a row, increasing the pressure on visitors.

Cooney escaped in the final attempt.

It was still time to send Henderson to the head area of ​​Dander Evans for shoulder charge.

It made no difference to the final score.

Sp spray beat well.

Stephen Myler scored against Ulster

Lions coach Werner Gatland made it all up is another matter. Certainly, some home players have played for potential.

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Fine: S. Myler (4).


Trying: J. Stockdale, m. Kotzi, J. Connie.

Cons: J. Cooney (3)

Pen: J. Cooney.


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