Spain is also making Scotland wider and by 2022 . heading towards

 Spain is also making Scotland wider and by 2022 .  heading towards

Madrid, 30 November. ( –

The Spanish women’s national football team kicked off the year 2021 with another stellar performance and has already claimed another 8-0 win over Scotland in the 2023 World Cup qualifiers in Australia and New Zealand in 2022, against Seville. La Cartuja is already looking to 2022 at the stadium.

On an evening when all the headlines were on, 24 hours before the Ballon d’Or on flamboyant and historic winner Alexia Putellas, a trophy she shared with the spectators before the match gave her a standing ovation and again. When Jorge Vilda decided to change it five minutes from the end.

The Spanish coach had warned in advance of the difficulty of the game against the Scots coached by his compatriot Pedro Martínez, but so far nothing has left the national team behind, which, apart from a hesitation, would not face any difficulty. Have not experienced. ,

Spain did not have much difficulty imposing their current form and registering their 16th straight win, once again without a goal, although Sandra Panos almost saw the streak end when an unusual error on the exit of Alexia saw that. Harrison came very close to the goal early in the game. His shot goes over the crossbar and allows the home team to be back in the game for good.

Before the occasion, Jennifer Hermoso and Amiur Sarrigi, selected as a pair of attackers for the match, had already made a first for the Spaniards, but Madrilane’s heels cut short the goal of his team’s legendary hero Alexander. And that prevented the score from rising.

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Spain took full control of the game and slowly moved closer to the Scottish side which failed to defend and lost 1–0 in the 20th minute when Amiur scored after a fine cross from Leila Ouhaby. Alexander asked Aitana Bonmati, Jenny Hermoso (twice) and Mariana Caldenti to hold off a 2-0 lead as long as possible, but the Balearic player made it impossible with a brilliant shot from outside the surface. Before the break, Aetna, after a defensive error, extended the score to 3–0.

Coming back from the locker room, the approach did not change as Pedro Martínez’s team could not deploy and remained at the mercy of their opponents, who took advantage of their dominance to watch the minutes flow and the visitors crack more and more.

Alexander continued to do everything possible to keep the score from rising and one of his teammates prevented Alexia from celebrating a special night by pushing his shot back down the post. However, another defensive hesitation allowed Amiur Sarrigi to find the net for the national team and open a new six-minute period with two more goals by Aitana, after another double save by the goalkeeper. A perfect finish at the rear.

Since then, with changes introduced by the two coaches, the pace of the game has slowed, but not its direction. Jenny Hermoso and Esther González join the ‘party’ to complete another disastrous goal that leaves Spain on the right track for the next World Cup with a run and numbers that will see them take another step in history. Continues to invite to the dream.

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