Stigrates lead skidding Jaguars 27-3, unbeaten

Stigrates lead skidding Jaguars 27-3, unbeaten

Jacksonville, Fla. (AP) – Pittsburgh’s latest win was the perfect picture.

Steelers The defenses accumulated in the end zone after each turnover – Four times in all – and posed for the camera. Some celebrations were planned, some candid, very cheesy.

They all deserve well.

Ben Rothlisberger and Coo happily shared the spotlight during a 27-3 win over Skidding Jacksonville on Sunday. After all, it was the defense’s latest and greatest performance of the season.

Terrell Edmunds and Minkah Fitzpatrick prevents two passes each And Statel steamed the lower Jaguars (1-9) to reach 10-0 for the first time in franchise history.

“It’s a pleasure to see them,” Rothlisberger said. “They’re turning the ball over, will get a turnover for us.”

Rookie quarterback Jack Luton lost most of the day against the Blizzard Steelers, who allowed 206 yards and ended up with just two sacks, despite the dominance of Bud Dupree and TJ Watt Jacksonville’s offensive tackles. Loot completed 16 of 37 passes for 151 yards, with four interceptions and a few more calls.

“No matter what happens on the last play, you have to play next,” Luton said. “It simply came to our notice then. I have the mindset to come. Unfortunately, he kept pouring in another bad play and I didn’t let that happen. I plan to clean it up and move it to the next snap. “

Late models took a turn in the second quarter. With Jacksonville trailing 10-3 and driving for a potential build-up touchdown, former Jaguars defensive lineman Tyson Allulu commented on Luton’s pass on the trend line. Fitzp rick trick Picked it up at 2 and gave it back 37 yards.

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“The defense is playing big,” Edmunds said. “It simply came to our notice then. We just play for each other. ”

Rothlisburger Dionta Johnson found the bottom left After a few plays. Johnson jumped to 1 with Benny Snell’s TD run setting, jogged, caught and fought.

They were all ritual steelers.

“We did it today,” said coach Mike Tomley. “We checked. It wasn’t perfect, but nothing is perfect about us except our record. We talked openly about it last night. We want to wear it properly. “

The Statilers made a slow start, field goals (one made, one missed) settled early and were not really sharp in the third quarter. But they were very effective in beating Jacksonville, who set a single-season franchise record with a ninth consecutive loss.

“It was a difficult day,” said Jaguars coach Doug Marson. “We are all disappointed. This team has done everything it can. I have zero problems. … The record is clearly bad. I got it. I wish I could do something for them. They are going to play for each other and the coach. We will all make sure we do our job. “

Owner Shad Khan fired then coach Gus Bradley after his ninth loss in 2016.

This slip contains another landmark. The Jaguars came in at 41-100 during Khan’s nine-year tenure. He named New Orleans Saints owner John McCom Jr. as the second fastest to lose 100. Khan made questionable targets in 141 games, which was later than Hugh Culverhouse, owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

State sheet material

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Rothlisberg completed 32 of 46 passes for 267 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception at the end of the first half. He got Pte Eric Abron for slavery chase clapul and scores.

Johnson finished with 12 catches in 111 yards.

James Connor ran 13 times for 89 yards, showing little life for a struggling game.

Watch your step

Steelers receiver Juju Smith-Schuster was seen tweaking an officer’s leg while placing his foot on the yellow flag. In the fourth, Smith-Schuster was jogging off the field when he blinked and started hobbling after his cleats swam funny on the weighted part of the tick. He checked to the side and did not return. Tomley said it’s a common injury.

SACK surprise

The Steelers extended their bag line in 67 consecutive games. Stephen Tute got a 9-yard loss to Luton on the third and 14th game in the third quarter. It was Pittsburgh’s 37th sack of the season, leading the NFL.

Key injuries

Steelers: Tight end Zach Gantry suffered a significant knee injury. Haddon suffered a minor knee injury at the Cornwall.

Jaguars: Defensive end Josh Allen injured his left knee, but he should be OK. Cornbacx Tray Herndon (knee) and Chris Klebrox (groin) and safety Daniel Thomas (arm) are left in the second half. Maron said Thomas would go to the injured reserve. Left-back Rewandrew Norwell (hand) declined in third place.

Now the next

Steelers: Hosts AFC North rivals Baltimore on Thanksgiving Night. Pittsburgh has surpassed the 10-point halftime deficit to win its first meeting 28-24 earlier this month.

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Jaguars: Stay in AFC North and host Cleveland next Sunday. Jacksonville has won three straight in the series.


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