Student Margin: “Desjardins Killed My Dream”

Student Margin:

When Desjardins approves her line of credit to return to veterinary medicine, Melissa Hardy is thrilled. The former actress tells herself that she will finally be able to move on. But this is without relying on the fact that Cass will get his money back just as quickly as he gave it.

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“They’ve shattered my dreams…and my life, because they’re forcing me to go bankrupt,” laments the 35-year-old Eastern Township woman, originally from Windsor.

In February 2020, Casas du Plateau-Mont-Royal agreed to pay him the first $75,000 as a 4-year settlement for $300,000.

“I made sure three times instead of once that I was going to be renewed every year until the end of my studies,” she insists. His advisor replied that it would be so.

No supporter on file – and she understands – is required. However, Melissa is already drawing about $200,000 in debt, a liability incurred during the last two restructurings.

The loan is approved by the branch’s general manager Benot Sauve and Lucas Ste-Croix, one of their No. Melissa can fly.

After six months in Scotland

Because after six consecutive refusals at the University of Montreal, he was accepted for the first time at the University of Edinburgh, “the second best in the world to become a veterinarian”.

She is visiting the Scottish capital on September 20, 2020. His dog and cat are traveling.

Six months later, in the middle of the winter semester, she learns that the Desjardins refused to renew her student allowance. She, whose studies cost $57,000 a year and now lives in Scotland, isn’t going to get the next $75,000 or anything. The margin will also be closed completely by the bank.

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“They are hypocrites, it is almost fraud. If I had known I would have never left,” alleged Melissa.

“Isolated Case”

In Desjardins, we say to ourselves “know this is a difficult situation” and we claim that it is “an isolated case”.

“It is rare that Desjardins does not renew the line of credit. If the member is indebted too much, Desjardins may ask an endorser to continue distributing the margin. What was done to the member”, spokesperson, Chantal Corbeil indicates to.

However, Melissa Hardy’s financial position in February 2021 remains the same as a year earlier, when she was granted the loan.

just keep your word

For Desjardins, this is the end of the story. “As a charitable financial institution, disbursing you the loan limit and motivating you to take more loans would be against our mission”, explains Mr. Sauve, General Manager of the branch in an email to Melissa.

He even offered to write off a portion of $75,000 from his balance sheet.

“They dare to say they are generous, but they close my margins, put me out of business and kill my dreams. I just want them to keep their word,” she gives answer.

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