Summer, deconfinement and golf sometimes pass before an election. election nova scotia 2021

  Summer, deconfinement and golf sometimes pass before an election.  election nova scotia 2021

Departures closely follow each other in the morning sun at the golf club Rival From Kingston to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

And at the entrance of course, weather conditions remain a more topical topic than the election campaign.

We’re more comfortable going out and meeting people, says club member Michelin Kennedy, so right now, I guess, our head isn’t really like that.

The septuagenarian retiree still has a lot of concerns, especially when it comes to the health system.

Me, my doctor retired and there was no succession plan, she emphasizes.

Michelin got Kennedy on the list for access to a family doctor, like about 70,000 other Nova Scotians, and has been waiting four years now.

A family doctor is important for prevention. If you see him even once a year, he can give you tests, you can take the time to talk.

expected choice

is also on the green exercise Laverne Sloenwhite, another regular golfer at the club.

She likes to go out to do some sports, but unlike Michelin she is convinced that these choices couldn’t be better.

We need an election, said the retiree, Ian Rankin is too young and he has just arrived, and before he can rule, I think he needs to be elected by a Nova Scotian.

Laverne Slauenwhite thinks Nova Scotia really needs a general election. And the amount of time she spends on the golf course doesn’t stop her from being informed.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Rebecca Martel

These days the number of COVID-19 cases is quite low, which allows for an almost normal operation.

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Laverne Sloenwhite Vote in the Annapolis Ride From Where Former Prime Ministers and Liberal Party Leaders Came Stephen McNilla. Four candidates are in the fray from this seat. carmen curry running for liberals, Jennifer Ehrenfeld-Poolley For progressive conservatives, Cheryl Burbidge For the New Democrats Krista Greer for greens.

more Laverne Sloenwhite Never voted for a particular person. What is his interest in the party?

I always see the views of the party in general, and I vote for the party that has the best ideas to govern.

She says she usually leans towards liberals, but the more she learns about PC platforms, the more tempted she is to vote for them.

And she’s not alone.

Disappointment with the outgoing party

I Worked as a Liberal Election Observer for Over Forty Years, dit gary galley. the fact that [j’appuie] Orthodoxy, my friends and my neighbors ask me what is happening to me, why have I changed.

Gary Galley in front of Paragon Golf Course.

Gary Galley has devoted much of his time to the Liberal Party in recent years, but not now. He believes that the party is completely cut off from the electorate.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Rebecca Martel

In fact, this golf lover does not think he has changed, but rather believes that it is the Liberal Party, both provincially and federally, that has changed.

Liberals no longer care about real people, the party has its own agenda, this gary galley . And since they are in the majority in Nova Scotia, they ignore the concerns of those who have supported the party over the years.

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Randy Anderson Also liberal at heart, but intends to vote for progressive conservatives. He specifies that it is not because he is influenced by Tim Houston’s troops.

anything to remove the liberals from power, he said.

Randy Anderson leans on a barbell in the middle of practice on the green.

Randy Anderson enjoys playing golf more than talking about politics. He is disillusioned and disillusioned with politicians and says he has more in common than liberals.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Rebecca Martel

disappointed voter

In his opinion, the Liberal Party has managed to alienate many people since coming to power in 2013. Doctors, nurses, teachers, artists, many voters blame the party for some of the decisions. For Randy AndersonWell, it’s personal too. He says that the former Prime Minister Stephen McNilla During the last election campaign, lied to him in his kitchen. Enough to discourage him.

I’m really angry with politiciansThe golfer says he better understands voters’ apathy about whether they are on leave or not.

According to him, nothing will change until there is more diversity among candidates to better represent all walks of life in Nova Scotia.

His daughter is the New Democrat candidate in this election, but Randy Anderson Can’t convince myself to vote for this party. He fears the cost of the promises and announcements of social programs made by the chief NPDhandjob Gary Burrill.

Dennis Houde prepares to hit the ball on the first hole of the golf course.

Dennis Houde has been playing golf for 40 years. Whether the campaign is in summer or autumn, he follows it but not very closely.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Rebecca Martel

And then there are undecided. Dennis Houde has been playing golf for 40 years. He has no hesitation when he’s about to hit the first ball of his course, but when it comes time to vote, it’s less obvious.

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It doesn’t change much in my life that comes here, he said. At the end of the day, they always do the same thing, make promises all the time, but we’ll go back to the number of promises they keep.

Dennis Houde doesn’t let politics slow his game, he’s going to inform himself, but campaigning isn’t his priority at the moment.

We’ll see what they have to offer and if it makes sense Ok, otherwise… we’re going to play golf!


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