The Eagles face the Islanders as some QMJHL games resume in the empty field

The Eagles face the Islanders as some QMJHL games resume in the empty field

The Quebec Junior Hockey League season began in Nova Scotia on Friday after a gap of nearly two months.

The league suspended the season on 1 December, saying the game could start on 3 January. Quebec teams returned to work last week.

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island public health officials have agreed to kick the league to play again in the game on January 29, without fans in attendance.

When the season began, a limited number of fans were allowed to participate in the games in Nova Scotia.

Jacob Squires is a 17-year-old defensive end against the Cape Breton vultures of Prince Edward Island. He said that this would be a change in the absence of fans, but the game would go on as usual.

Squires said: “Although it’s unfortunate that we can’t play in front of our fans in Sydney, we still play the game, and it’s a positive thing.”

The game begins in the maritime section as the Charlottetown Islanders face the Eagles at the 200 center in Sydney on Friday. On Saturday, the Halifax Moss Heads will face the Eagles in Sydney.

“Happy” replay

Mooseheads chief Brian Urquhart said they were lucky the team returned to the ice to finish the season.

“We are happy to live in a part of the world that allows our children to get back on the ice,” Urkhart said.

When the season began, Nova Scotia allowed the QMJHL a limited number of fans in the arenas. Season pass holders and those with a limited number of game tickets were allowed to participate in each match.

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The province will reassess the restrictions on 8 February.

“Hopefully, this is a short-term situation and we can get back on the ice in front of our fans,” Urkhart said.

Only match games and rink personnel will be in the arenas when match time is up.

Nathan Larousse, a 20-year defenseman with the Eagles, said there is no need to worry that scouts may not be involved in these games in person.

The Quebec native said, “I think a lot of scouts or teams in the professional world look online and make the most of it, because they also have to adapt.”

New Brunswick has not allowed QMJHL teams to return to work.

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