The FIA ​​does not block Bahrain’s rules for short F1 laps

The FIA ​​does not block Bahrain's rules for short F1 laps

Circuit lap times of Kk km are expected to be as low as 53 seconds, in which drivers can run multiple laps on their tires in qualifying.

Although 20 trains are on the track, the Q1 is expected to be particularly crowded as drivers try to find a clear lane, but Auntie insists that general barrier rules will be enforced.

“I think during practice we usually think liberally, think more liberally, because that’s the practice,” Auntie said.

“But during qualifying, the standard elements of the unnecessary barrier that will happen will be examined and its merits will be reviewed.

“So I don’t think the need to interrupt someone unnecessarily by digging short can be ruled out.”

Although Auntie is short, no special hurdles are expected in terms of running a race weekend.

“He’s definitely going to be busy, let’s put it that way,” he said. “We are looking for one of the longest Grand Prix in terms of the number of laps we have seen in a long time.

“It simply came to our notice then. We’ll see what it is, but the similarities are predicting 53-55 seconds. Or there. So it will definitely intensify in a different way.

“But a good challenge to manage, something different. And after talking to a number of teams they are looking at it exactly the same way, something different. ”

Auntie also denied concerns raised by some drivers about “aggressive” curbs in the chicken, which forms part of the section that passes the standard track.

“There are curbs and yes, they are aggressive curbs, but not different from many circuits. Some areas have super aggressive curbs, some circuits have less aggressive curbs.

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“But there is a race track in between, which is, what the goal is, it’s to stay on track. And drivers are always asking for different types of curbs going back, and more aggressive types of curbs in different areas. So it disappoints to run off-track. “

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Auntie said the linking section will also show some of the track limits being monitored this weekend.

“It will actually be more shortcuts that we will monitor than track limits due to its nature.”

“So running behind the top curbs, rather than wide. But again, we’ll look at how we practice on Fridays, and see what we need to do. It is a brand new circumstance for everyone. ”

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