The former colleague named two traits Fernandez learned to help him ‘explode’

The former colleague named two traits Fernandez learned to help him ‘explode’

Bruno Fernandez’s former team-mate says the Manchester United midfielder’s recent outburst in form is down to him to learn two important features.

Portugal International Despite only arriving in January, it has become one of United’s best signs in recent seasons.

Indeed, he has won four Club Player of the Month awards at the time, receiving his latest collection in November. What’s more, his record of 22 goals and 13 assists in 13 games speaks for itself.

Behind such a form, however, there are some main features. Fernandez’s goal record comes from his willingness to help Ole Gunnar SolskarSide progress. The 26-year-old has also served as an important leader both on and off the pitch.

However, former Sampardoria goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano, who worked with Fernandez while the pair were playing for the Serie A club, then opened up their progress as they worked together.

“I was one of the few people who supported him,” Viviano said Tattoomarkatoweb.

“Bruno always had everything, only he reached Italy and he lacked tactics and intensity.

“He learned it and now it has exploded, because he has everything: right, left, technically but an incredible run.

“He is a technological leader Manchester United Probably lacking. “

Fernandez, who scored five goals and helped three others to Sampdoria, moved to Sporting in the summer of 2017.

Indeed, he made his name in his own country, contributing to 115 strikes in 137 games. During the summer of 2019, both Tottenham and United wanted to sign with him.

And despite the Spurs moving closer to a deal, the transfer was never completed, leading to a departure to Old Trafford in January.

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Van de Beek, Fernandez The role of the eye

Meanwhile, Donnie Van de Bk has said he enjoys playing with Fernandez for the Red Devils.

The Dutchman has been struggling for game time since leaving Ajax but Sunday’s clash with Southampton marked the start of his first Premier League.

And between the minutes of the fight, the pair talked about how they appreciated each other’s games.

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