The fragrance of the general election in Nova Scotia | election nova scotia 2021

  The fragrance of the general election in Nova Scotia |  election nova scotia 2021

Despite the state of emergency which is still in force due to COVID-19, the Prime Minister Ian Rankin Don’t hesitate to come in person to make such an announcement.

he recently visited port hawksbury To project seven kilometers of recreational trails. The same day, a little later, he was in Mabou where he announced money for the schools in the area.

Ian Rankin Also announced $1 million for a new water tower in the county lunenberg.

Then, his government announced over the weekend that all intra-provincial ferries would be free from now on.

Do these announcements foreshadow the call for elections? I focus on managing the pandemic, responds to the liberal prime minister, Ian Rankin.

Ian Rankin It also says that it promotes the budget with all its fundraising announcements.

But there are still some social media advertising campaigns and the fact that Liberal candidates are already being picked in most of the ride.

According to the opposition parties, there is no election at the moment

Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats also appear to be campaigning, though they say there is no reason to call an election just yet.

Nova Scotians don’t think about election, say Tim Houston, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. They think more about vaccines, he says.

head of NPDhandjob gary burrill, claiming there are no elections on the horizon and alleging Ian Rankin To be clear about this.

Questions surrounding the next election are inevitable as the Liberals are in the fifth year of their second term. Nova Scotia is the only Canadian province where general elections are not held on a fixed date. majority liberal governmentIan Rankin You can legally wait until spring 2022 to trigger it.

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From a report by Paul Legeres


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