The memo says the NBA has November 18 as the new draft date

The memo says the NBA has November 18 as the new draft date

Vista of Lake Buena, Fla. – ESPN According to a memo obtained by, the NBA is targeting November 18 as the new date for the 2020 draft, with pending discussions with league owners and general managers in separate meetings on Thursday and Friday.

Negotiated by the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association, what the memo called a “potential revised 2020 NBA draft date” will be tabled as a temporary replacement on October 16. The delay will allow the league and the union to negotiate amendments to the collective bargaining agreement and agree on 2020. -21 Salary Cap and Luxury Tax Threshold.

The memo did not mention free agency, nor did it negotiate a new date with the NBPA, sources said. The start of the free agency is expected to happen relatively soon after the draft.

The teams had significant concerns that the mid-October draft would leave them without the necessary information about future pay caps to trade, buy and sell elections, and take players into the typical draft night business of choice.

The number of salaries could fluctuate from previous estimates in the wake of the dramatic loss in current and projected league revenue, and the league and union will begin negotiations with the honesty of the figures once the audit is completed in the 2019-20 season, sources said.

The NBA wants to give teams time to prepare more drafts, with sources expecting to engage with a virtual regional player. Sources said the league expects to share more information soon about the potential ability of teams to interact with players in person.

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This will be the second delay of the draft, which was originally scheduled for June 25.

The NBA and NBPA will need to negotiate a new start date for the season, postponing it from December 1, based on the latest information on the coronavirus epidemic. The league’s goal, if possible, is to play as many games as possible next season, with fans in the arena.


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