The Queen’s granddaughter Zara Tindall and husband Mike are making a fortune

Zara and Mike Tindall are clearly allowed to advertise because they are not among the active royals.  Are the requirements met?  Mike Tindall's ad for a pizza company, in which he
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Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter Zara Tindall and her husband are not on the front lines of the royals. In return, they are allowed to conclude lucrative advertising contracts under certain conditions. Business-minded, Do Rake Lakh Mein.

LONDON – As the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II (96, 2022), Zara Tindall, née Phillips (41), is very close to the royal family, but apparently neither to her nor her husband, the former English rugby player For Mike Tindall. (44), Strict rules and regulations regarding advertising contracts with the Royals. In something that Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (40) have denied, both can apparently take full advantage. especially since Charles III (73) King, but even before that a lucrative deal is followed by the next.

Mike Tindall Tells Royals in Pizza Commercial ‘I Have Friends in High Places’

I’m a Celebrity on ITV’s Mike Tindall… Get Me Out of Here! But just before becoming the first royal to rock a British jungle camp, an ad for Domino’s Pizza will be released. Along with her former partner James Haskell (37), Tindall both mocked the many medals she wore at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. The pair are co-hosts of The Good, the Bad and the Rugby podcast, which appears to be a commercial for the upcoming Autumn Nations series.

Tindall also said on his podcast that he hates wearing medals. He clearly states that he did nothing to get her, other than the fact that he was part of the family. Meanwhile, Princess Anne’s (72) daughter Zara, née Phillips, isn’t idle either. A few days back, she was announced as the new face of the lifestyle campaign for British traditional brand Musto’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection.

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Peter Phillips’ advertising deal under scrutiny

Although Peter Phillips does not hold a royal title and is thus permitted to make advertising deals under several conditions, the British media did not agree that Longleat House, a Grade I listed building in Wiltshire, was featured in the advertisement. Equally problematic was the designation of Phillips as a “British member of the royal family”. Because he was clearly advertising his position.

Zara Tindall’s Brother Peter Phillips Also Improves His Finances in a Legal Gray Area

Zara and Mike Tindall are clearly allowed to advertise because they are not among the active royals. Are the requirements met? Mike Tindall’s ad for a pizza company, in which he talks about “friends in high places”, is borderline to many (photomontage). © Henry Nichols/DPA & Screenshots Twitter @GoodBadRugby

This is not the first collaboration with Musto, Zara has been working with the label for over ten years. like the british daily mail He is said to have already raised over 570,000 euros from his collaboration with Musto. According to the report, apart from the regular fixed payment, there should also be a good commission. Tindall is said to earn the equivalent of 1,150,000 euros per year through advertising deals with her husband. The former equestrian Olympian also works with Rolex and Land Rover.

What Tindall gives should be borderline. Zara’s brother Peter Phillips (44), a non-working royal has already come under criticism for concluding an advertising deal. After her divorce from 44-year-old Autumn Phillips, she had taken advantage of their royal ties Phillips in a Chinese TV commercial for Jersey Fresh Milk played along. He was also a double criminal in the gray area: in 2008 he sold his wedding photos to Autumn Kelly to British magazine Greetings!, Sources used:, Twitter @GoodBadRugby


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