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• Michel Fréjabis is surrounded by Matthew Lartot and Cédric Beaudeau.

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To read: Michel Fréjabise, 40 Years of Animation

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• Michel Fréjabis is surrounded by Matthew Lartot and Cédric Beaudeau.

40 years of sports, commercial and local activities. This is the CV of Michel Frazabis that offers us a look at a career that has allowed him to stand shoulder to shoulder with the champion and the anonymous while maintaining an unwavering enthusiasm.

He used some microphones, but knew how to retain this clear voice with accurate and precise vocals. In forty years of activity, Michel Fréjabis has explored some stadiums, notably in rugby (37 World Cup matches), traveling to the six corners of Scotland, Hungary, Guadeloupe and France, without departing from the passion associated with the body: animation. Of . The souvenir box is well stocked, and the one who first grabbed the microphone, almost coincidentally, during a competition of the Midi-Pyrénées Athletics League in the early eighties, hasn’t enriched it. Sports (athletics, rugby, football, running…), local shows and various commercial events, all deserved to rewind the soundtrack to offer the reader a return to text and images over four decades of commentary.

In this album in two reversible parts, Rugby takes the lion’s share. The gift, a leather rugby ball given to him by his “grandfather,” who died last year at the age of 93, was the prettiest of all scramble entries. Little Michelle (age 69 today) used his pants for the first time with his friends from Moissac before taking a license at the club and kept it up until the age of 30, proudly winning some. Selection for Cadets and Juniors from Tarn-et-Garonne.

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in the heart of the field

Through Michel Hortla, the ball turned into the microphone one fine day in October 1999, when Michel Fréjabis was given commentary on the Narbonne–Nims match. His absolute mastery of Shakespeare’s language (the man is also an Occitan speaker) allows him to interview RCN’s English-speaking recruits that day without stammering. a point. The warhead is gone. It would continue to bounce back, not Albi from Narbonne to Ach where Michele would play her way into the top 14 in a crazy party of rise, which was attacked (June 2006) by some 3,000 yellow and black supporters.

We glide happily across the stands and in the locker room in this anecdotal book; We are watching the excitement of the 2007 World Cup live from Beaujoire Stadium; We compile the match sheets for Sporting club Albijois’s spectacular 2006-2007 season in the top 14 (everything is stored in the speaker, everything is archived); We dive back into Marcosis, on the grounds of the 2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup… what a delight. And an equal joy by turning the book to stick to the basics of the stars of marathon, rugby league or football, especially women (asptt alby in D1). For good taste, we won’t forget the Jegun Wine Fair, the Moissac Fruit Festival, the Foie Gras Festival in Samton, or the region’s wine fairs. And even less, in the animation “Occitan Mackerel!” », Occitan dictation and Saint-Jean fire. What is loss of voice? But almost the septuagenarian hasn’t let go of a microphone that’s in the palm of his hand. It will be necessary to plan a reissue in a few years when the memory box will certainly be full.

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“Race and Rebound – 40 Years of Sport, Commercial and Local Activities”. Available at the press depots of Saint-Jurie, Arts, Albi, Maersack. €10.


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