UFC 253: Adesanya vs Costa Live Stream Fight Card and Updates | 09/26/2020


1st round

Da Silva ended the first round with a dominance over Riedel.

Ready for the main card

Now comes the final opening fight between Brad Riedel vs. Alex da Silva.

Ready for stellar cards

Now comes the last opening fight between Brad Riedel vs. Alex da Silva.

Matthews’ victory

Jack Matthews defeated Diego Sanchez by a unanimous decision.

The next fight

Now the next match will be between Diego Sanchez and Jack Matthew.

Great victory

Ludovit Klein defeated Shane Young by KO in the first round after being kicked in the head.

The fourth fight

The next contest will now be in the featherweight division.

Shane Young vs. Lodovit Klein

Victory of William Knight

William Knight defeated Alexa Kemur by a unanimous decision.

Quick victory for Espino

Juan Espino wins by summary in the first round.

Adesanya vs Paulo Costa Live Compression

In the sum of the factors, the difference in the physical qualities of Adesania is greater: height, wings and foot size favor the Nigerian. However, Paulo Costa is a pressure fighter who fights at close range. The rate of Brazilian blows is much higher, while the opponent is more surgical.

The second fight

To start another early fight between Juan Espino and Jeff Hughes.

Victory for Danilo Marcus

Danilo Marx got his first win of the night against Khadis Ibragimov by a unanimous decision.

UFC 253

To start early fights in UFC 253. See the full card here.

(Photo: UFC)

Israel Adesanya

Champion Israel Adesanya has the longest winning series in the middleweight division with 8 wins.

(Photo: UFC)
(Photo: UFC)

Paulo Costa

Pado Costa is the # 2 fighter in the middleweight rankings. His hits also have an accuracy of 57.8%, the third-best average of the average weight in UFC history.

(Photo: UFC)
(Photo: UFC)

This is how the weight of the fight was in UFC 253 Live!

Don’t move from here!

In a few moments we will share with you the details of the main battles in UFC 253, as well as the latest information of Fight Island. Don’t miss the minute-by-minute, live combat detail from VAVEL.

UFC 253 main card

The rest of the main card completes it:

Kai Cara France vs. Brandon Roywal

Catalan Viria vs Sijara Ubank

Hakim Davdo vs. Zubair Tukhukov

Two titles on the line

In addition to the middleweight championship, the semi-fullweight title will also be on the battle line between Dominic Rez and Jan Blechoviz.

Weight Ceremony

Adesanya weighed in at 184 pounds while Costa weighed in at 185 pounds during the weightlifting ceremony. At the end of the weights both fighters almost finished like punches.


Paulo Costa, a native of Brazil, has a 13-0-0 record inside the octagon. 92% of his wins go to G.O. By and 8% by submission.


Israel Adesanya, originally from Nigeria, has a 19-0-0 record in the UFC. He won% of% of his win in G.O.


The battle will take place on Fight Island, located in Saudi Arabia.

Start is scheduled at 10:00 ET.

Welcome to the VAVEL.com live coverage of the UFC 253 fight: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa!

Welcome to the live broadcast of Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa Fight for the Middleweight Championship in UFC 253. The fight will take place at 9:00 pm on Fight Island, Saudi Arabia.


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