Why Perseverance Is Important for Executives

Why Perseverance Is Important for Executives

“Hurt on Management” column: episode 174. Why is it important for officials to stay in power and what does this have to do with the French national rugby team.

The French national rugby team won the Six Nations Cup, the unofficial European rugby championship, this year.

In this competition England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy compete for victory in a tournament.

Not only did France win the Six Nations Cup, they also won the ‘Big Schlemm’, a special award given to the team that wins the Six Nations Cup and beat all the other five teams in the tournament.

It took the French national rugby team twelve years to achieve this success.

In twelve years, he has not won the Six Nations Cup even once.

Twelve years in which France suffered defeat after defeat, humiliation after humiliation. He returned to France empty handed and bowed his head.

But after twelve years he rose from the ashes like a phoenix.

,It ain’t over until the fat lady sings‘ says Britt.

What matters is the final one. Intermediate successes and milestones are not the deciding factor, what is decisive is Which leads to success in the long run and in the end.

Persevere, persevere, do your job consistently, believe in yourself and do the work, face your mistakes, weaknesses and failures, face them ruthlessly and learn from them.

Fall, get up, learn, get better, keep going. Till victory.

Those are the skills that make a real winner, not just in rugby.

As Winston Churchill said: “Success involves going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm,

Essentials in a nutshell: ,It ain’t over until the fat lady sings“. Fight with all your strength and commitment until you succeed. Keep going, do your best and don’t give up. The game isn’t over until the lights go off.

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Allez Les Bless! Allez France Rugby!

We’ll deal with this in the next column. Why intelligent pessimism is important to managers,

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