World Cup qualification: Austria starts in Scotland

World Cup qualification: Austria starts in Scotland

World Cup qualification

Qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar starts for the Austrian national team in Scotland. The International Football Association (FIFA) announced the fixtures on Tuesday, the day after the group draw. The result of Group F is determined in a total of four block courses.

Team boss Franco Foda and his team will visit the Scots on March 25, 2021. Then there are home games against the Faroe Islands (28 March) and possibly the strongest rival Denmark (31 March), who were drawn from the first putt in the Austria group in a draw in Zurich on Monday.

In September, three more games follow within a week. The Austrians will visit Moldova on 1 September and Israel on 4 September, before the home game against the Scots is on the schedule three days later (7 September). The away second leg will run against the Faroe Islands and Denmark on 9 and 12 October respectively. Finally, team owner Franco Foda’s team has two more games in front of their spectators, rivals Israel (12 November) and Moldova (15 November).

Team boss Foda was already satisfied with the result after the draw. “It’s a very interesting and balanced group,” was the 54-year-old’s response to the ORF. “Denmark is definitely an easy favorite. You should not forget that they won in England (1-0 in the Nation League on 14 October). But in a group anything is possible. “

World Cup qualification, Group F

Game Schedule:
2021/03/25 Scotland Austria 8.45 pm.
Israel Denmark 8.45 pm.
Moldova Faroe Islands 8.45 pm.
2021/03/28 Denmark Moldova at 6 pm.
Austria Faroe Islands 8.45 pm.
Israel Scotland 8.45 pm.
2021/03/31 Austria Denmark 8.45 pm.
Moldova Israel 8.45 pm.
Scotland Faroe Islands 8.45 pm.
2021/01/09 Moldova Austria 8.45 pm.
Denmark Scotland 8.45 pm.
Faroe Islands Israel 8.45 pm.
2021/04/09 Israel Austria 8.45 pm.
Faroe Islands Denmark 8.45 pm.
Scotland Moldova 8.45 pm.
2021/07/09 Austria Scotland 8.45 pm.
Denmark Israel 8.45 pm.
Faroe Islands Moldova 8.45 pm.
2021/09/10 Scotland Israel at 6 pm.
Faroe Islands Austria 8.45 pm.
Moldova Denmark 8.45 pm.
2021/10/12 Denmark Austria 8.45 pm.
Faroe Islands Scotland 8.45 pm.
Israel Moldova 8.45 pm.
2021/11/12 Austria Israel 8.45 pm.
Denmark Faroe Islands 8.45 pm.
Moldova Scotland 8.45 pm.
2021/11/15 Austria Moldova 8.45 pm.
Israel Faroe Islands 8.45 pm.
Scotland Denmark 8.45 pm.
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