World Cup qualification: FB player in personal review

World Cup qualification: FB player in personal review

Alexander Schlager: not enough

Franco Foda selected Alexander Schlager as number one. It is doubtful whether the team’s boss will take any decision after 90 minutes. A pass was given to the opponent in the 42nd minute after uncertainty outside the five, but Schlager was able to fix a serious mistake with the foot defense. The LASK goalkeeper stood on the line for too long when the free-kick flank was in the air for what felt like an eternity. They had no chance at 2-2.

Stephen Ilsankar: Enough

Ilsankar recently played as a central defender in Frankfurt and took the right part in the Back Three in Glasgow. He performed well for a long time. Ilsankar was lucky in the second half that his grip in the penalty area was not punished by Ryan Christie. Ilsankar was allowed to hit three crosses that VAR would not be used in World Cup qualification. At 1–1 he relied too heavily on Schlager, who did not come off his goal, and let Grant Hanley go.

Alexander Dragovic: Satisfactory

Leverkusen Legionnaire served as the head of defense at the center of a series of three. Dragovic gave a rather inconspicuous performance. He was neither careless nor different in his defensive behavior. But he would have been better off with more busyness at the beginning of the game.

Phillip Lienhardt: Good

Freiburg Legionnaire was in the team several times in Germany recently. As a reward, Lienhart replaced the injured Martin Hinteregger in defense. The 24-year-old showed a strong position against the Scots and tried to advance Austria’s offensive game, especially in the first half, in the swing. In any case, Lienhardt showed that he is ready for deployment in central defense at any time.

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Stephen Lanner: Satisfactory

The Gladbacker really should have played a more aggressive role on the right and showed his qualities at forward pace. Especially in the first 45 minutes, however, Lanner failed to take any specific action. However, after changing sides, he reformed, was more committed and dared to do more. With a 2–1 complete cross by Kalajdzic, he rewarded himself for his efforts.

David Alaba: enough

Alaba represented the injured Julian Baumgartlinger as captain. Bayern Legionnaire was actually called on the Left, but often moved to the center. He was not involved in the game in the first half, often deciding only when the balls were stable and recorded a shot on goal. Alaba showed good action in one or the other, but also technical flaws. Alaba was unable to give any real momentum to Austria’s offensive game.

Christophe Baumgartner: Okay

Hoffenheim Legionnaire was the only OFB player who developed mobility and headed to goal in the first half. With his dribbling he always attracted many opponents and thus opened up space for his teammates. The Scots identified Baumgartner as a source of danger and attacked him vigorously. Many times he let it buy Schneide, but remained an asset. With a shot in the half he might have been able to land on Grabik.

Florian Grillitsch: Satisfying

The second Hoffenheim Legionnaire in the team served as the Classic Six. Grillicht was often playable and had countless ball contacts. Especially in the first half, the Grillites had no speed and thus delayed the game’s construction. He also saw an increase after the break. His shot, which landed shortly before the Scottish goalkeeper, took the lead after Ricochet.

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Zevar Schlager: Not Enough

Already in the autumn, Schleger did not work in the national team in the usual way. In the first game in the spring, the Wolfsburg Legionnaire wasn’t really up to speed either. Schlager had little contact with the ball, rarely playing according to his strength in the duel, and also felt insecure on the ball. For the team, it remains to be expected that the midfield engine will return to its performance potential, as it is an irreplaceable part in the FB game in general.

Adrian Grubik: Enough

Lorient striker slipped into the starting line-up for the ailing Marcel Sabitzer. According to Foda, Grabik’s greatest strength is that he needs fewer chances to score a goal. However, he was nowhere to be found near the Scots. Grubik was ruled out of the very next game. However, it was also extremely difficult to show anything productive with a few balls. Grubik did a lot of work, but nothing more.

Sasa Kalazadzic: Very good

In his third international match, Kalazadzic shone with a brace. Foda expected the striker to take over from Stuttgart to his swing team. The team’s boss was not disappointed. The 23-year-old put the first shot on goal after just 63 seconds, after which he also showed a good observation with a pass to Baumgartner. His goals resulted in a stab and a sensational header. A goal was also denied for foul play.

Louis Schob: Satisfactory

Schaub came on for Grubic in the 68th minute and was the only option against the Scots. The Swiss veteran recently scored some goals as a “clown”, but not this time. Schaub tried hard, but could not set any real highlights in the few minutes played.

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