World Cup qualification: FB team turns game against Faroe Islands

World Cup qualification: FB team turns game against Faroe Islands

Defender Sonny Ragnar Nuttstedt, 197cm tall, took the Faroese lead with a header (19th) from a corner but went against the rules. Aleksandr Dragovic (30th) followed eleven minutes later, Christoph Baumgartner (37th) and Sasa Kalajadzik equalized against the brave outsider and turned the game around before the break (44th) to ensure the final score, which was fully deserved.

This continues at the end of the first qualifying block with Wednesday’s home game (at 8.45 pm, live on ORF1) against the favourites: Denmark shot an 8–0 warm-up against Moldova and thus improved on a minor goal difference. Not done. Unlike European Championship qualification, if there is a tie, it is not the direct duel that matters first, but the goal difference. The third Group F match between Israel and Scotland on Sunday ended in a 1-1 draw.

Kalajdzic is the perfect combination

Before the break, Austria took a 3–1 lead against the Faroe Islands.

As expected, FB team boss Foda made some changes compared to the 2–2 win in Scotland. Following his leg injury, attacking player Marcel Sabitzer was as new to the starting line-up as defender Gernot Trauner and Andreas Ulmer and winger Louis Schaub. Like Glasgow, Alexander Schlager guarded the gate and was given confidence despite an uncertain performance.

First FB Men’s International match with referee

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Katerina Monsul made her debut as the first female referee to lead an OFB international match. Germany legend Aleksandr Dragovic had already outlined that it was a premiere in the 793rd game, but basically nothing new for most of them: “Whether you’re a man or a woman. Football has its own rules.” Huh.”

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APA/Hans Punzu

Ukrainian Katerina Monsul was the first woman to lead the game for the Austrian national football team.

By the way, Dragovic overtook Marko Arnoutovic with his 88th appearance and is now only at number four in OFB history. That he would celebrate with an equalizer, he might not have thought of before this game. But at first the Austrians were close to the lead, with the first knock after 40 seconds by captain David Alaba, who enjoyed his freedom in midfield.

As promised, the hosts went to work in a focused manner, were agile and swiftly came up with opportunities on the sides: Sabitzer failed with a shot on Gunnar Nielsen (13th), Baumgartner hit a corner. After (14th) hit the bar with his thigh. ,

Faroese lead

But the Faroe Islands were the team that took the lead. Because they played with the confidence of seven consecutive competitive games, Alaba felt that with a gherkin from Solvi Watanmar. As expected, in 4-4-2 the guests were switched from compact and cheeky. They were able to traipse through standard positions several times. There was also a goal in the air, as Brandur Hendriksson checked goalkeeper Schlager with a free kick (17th).

The 1.97-metre tall Nattstad eventually took the lead from Bielefeld Legionnaire Joan Simon Edmundsson after a corner in five, but had relied on Trauner. Referee Monsul did not watch, there was no video assistant in qualifying – 0:1 (19th).

Natstad score for Faroe Islands

Sony Ragnar Nattstad heads to Faroese tour.

The next eager (eleven) minutes followed in domestic football history with the Faroe Islands before the equalizer succeeded. Austria tried to achieve a turnaround in the first half and was successful. Because the FB team was not distracted, it looked for a way to the Faroese wall and came up with further opportunities through Baumgartner (21st), Dragovic (25th) and Alaba (26th). But the guests also remained dangerous, and Schlager was able to excel with another Natstad header after the next free kick (28th).

Dragovic ushered in a change

Austria was finally redeemed: after a Schaub corner, Stefan Lenner advanced, and Dragovic was right on the second pole (30th). The 30-year-old has now scored against Brazil (2014) and the Faroe Islands with his second FB goal – more bandwidth probably not possible. The defender immediately took the ball out of the net and thus started the turnaround decisively.

Compensation by Dragovic

In his 88th international, the defender hits from a corner.

The spell was broken, the bustling Alaba brushed the bar with a deflected flank (32nd), and Sabitzer tried again with a shot (33rd). The home side mounted the pressure and rewarded themselves with the lead first. Sabitzer brought Leather to Kalajadzik at sixteen, with the ball finally coming from a furrow to Baumgartner, who did not hold back in a duel with Henny Watsandal and completed it flat (37th).

The prettiest goal of the evening, the way it came about, was 3:1 (44th): Gryllitz served from Sabitzer’s right side in the center, which eventually switched sides to Baumgartner. Alaba surpassed his teammates and eventually served Kalajadzik, who scored his third international goal in five (44th). They didn’t get the first two in Scotland until Thursday.

Austria wins high, Demir makes debut

Foda-Elf did the right thing after the break and started early early decisions, only to be stopped by the exploitation of opportunities. Alaba tops it up (46th), Truner casts leather past (49th), and Baumgartner squanders his best chance after a wonderful Alaba hole pass in front of Nielsen, the game device just gone past (52nd).

An hour later, the lively interplay took place, with Alaba going for Alessandro Schoff, who came in with another dangerous FB degree (64th). But there shouldn’t be another hit for the FB team. In the end, 17-year-old Yusuf Demir debuted for Austria, his Rapid teammate Cara could not give, he was not in the team.

Firoz had long had to pay tribute to his playing style and could no longer make dangerous progress. It ended his unbeaten streak after seven competitive games, but the world number 107 left Vienna as a dangerous outsider.

Voices for the game:

frank shit (ÖFB team boss): “We started very well and built up the pressure. We knew the standards were dangerous, even with the wide range of objections. You have two players over 1.90. We don’t have those. It’s 0:1 There was an obvious foul before the start, which should have been noticed. The team remained calm, set the pace and combined well. We always wanted to come to the conclusion on the wings. We said at halftime that we wanted to keep going. We had There were still a hundred or two. That’s the only thing you can blame for the team scoring one or two more goals.”

David Alaba (ÖFB captain): “Definitely our goal was to score more goals. In the second half it was not that good even though we had good chances and action. However, I think we deserved to win. That’s our goal And we got it. I think we had really good shots today. We had very strong action, especially on the offensive, let the ball go a lot, and we definitely want to take that with us Huh. “

Hakan Ericsson (Faroe Team Principal): “Austria are a good team, we knew them. The stats speak for it too. It had a lot of momentum, but at times we had the game under control and we had five big chances. We did well. Performed, but as a coach you can’t be satisfied with losing, of course.”

World Cup Qualification, Group F, 2nd Match Day


Austria – Faroe Islands 3:1 (3:1)

Vienna, Ernst Happel Stadium, SR Katerina Monsul (UKR)

target sequence:
0:1 Nattstad (19.)
1: 1 Dragovic (30.)
2:1 Baumgartner (39.)
3:1 Kalajadzik (44.)

Austria: a. Schlager – Lanner (76./Trimel), Trauner, Dragovic, Ulmer – Gryllitz – Schaub (85./Demir), Sabitzer, Alaba (64./Schopf) – Kalajadzik (63./Gregoritsch), Baumgartner (76. / Onisivo) )

Faroe Islands: Nielsen – Rolentsson, Nutstad, Vatsdal (59./Andreessen), Davidson – S. Wathamar (59./Bazartalid), G. Wathamar, Hansen (81./K. Olsen), Hendrickson-Edmondson (74./Knudsen), M. Olsen (58./Johansson)

Yellow Card: Grillitsch or Hendrixen


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