World Cup qualification: Windner wishes positive conclusion

World Cup qualification: Windner wishes positive conclusion

The Austrian national team’s poor September course is still in the belly of OFB President Windner. Due to the defeats against Israel and Scotland, the last chance for first place in the group and thus a direct ticket to the final round in Qatar in 2022 was lost.

Now the head of the union, who is stepping down in mid-October, is hoping for a re-evaluation in the games against the Faroe Islands and Denmark. Ironically, the duel with FB-Shrek could trigger a trend reversal, Windner told the APA.

“Compulsory victories are always hard, and there has always been a certain flavor to the Faroe Islands due to Landskron (note: 0:1 in September 1990). Nevertheless, it is incredibly important to achieve these three points, because then we Can go down against Denmark again.”

“Clear outsiders” against Denmark

FB selection meets Inselkicker in Torshavn on Saturday. Three days later, it is in Copenhagen against better front runners Denmark, who have six wins and a goal difference of 22:0 after six rounds. The duel at the Happel Stadium in Vienna in March went 4–0 to the Danes.

This is one reason the FB team is a clear outsider against “Danish Dynamite”, stressed Windner. “The Danes weren’t just in the EM semi-finals, you just have to look at the table to see that they are currently difficult for us to reach. But if we can call 100 percent, we’re in for a surprise despite many setbacks.” Huh.”

no explanation for weak games

However, home team footballers were far from 100 percent in September. “An explanation for this is still not enough. We have had some failures and players who have played very little in their clubs. The video referees have never made a decision on this for us,” said Windner and said in particular Rupp was furious about the penalty that was not awarded after a foul on Christoph Baumgartner against Scotland.

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Stephen O'Donnell in a duel with Christoph Baumgartner (AUT).

APA/Hans Punzu

In the game against Scotland, the referee saw no foul on Christoph Baumgartner in the scene.

At the moment, the mood around FB selection is the same after the march course, which was also thrown in the sand. This was followed by satisfactory EM performance thanks to some group dynamic measures. “You won’t be able to copy from that point on, but you’ll think a lot about how you can bring things back to the way they did before EM,” Windner said.

The Last Business Trip to Windtner

For the 71-year-old Upper Austrian, the last business trip as OFB president is on schedule. On 17 October, Gerhard Miletich will officially take over from Windner, who has been in office since 2009. “Emotion is not appropriate. But it is understandable that there is sadness, because I have put a lot of heart and soul into the ceremony,” Windner said.

For team owner Franco Foda, the OFB could be timed out after the October games. The German has come under strong pressure recently, but Windner sees the decision about the 55-year-old’s future clearly within Miletich’s area of ​​responsibility.


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