world ranking. Is it really any better than rugby? [ANALYSE]

Classement Mondial. Est-ce vraiment mieux ailleurs qu'au rugby ? [ANALYSE]

XV of France. After the loss to Blues Scotland, the Blues came 5th from the podiumDid you know We can have a “Rotten” 6 Nations tournament and still find a 3rd place in the world at the end of it. This is the case for England, apparently unfamiliar lately – except for France, of course – and yet on the podium of the World Rugby rankings. It has failed to claim many supporters of the old continent, including the British, in recent times. However, others could also argue that in view of their World Cup finals, winning 6 nations 2020 and Autumn Cup nations in the last 18 months, Still happy that XV de la Rose did not find himself 10th in the world rankings! And even though it has shown signs of weakness since last fall.But by the way, how is the World Rugby World Ranking calculated?But by the way, how is the World Rugby World Ranking calculated?So how is this possible? Quite simply because the world ranking is calculated from a point exchange system in which teams attack each other according to the result of their direct confrontation. If one team wins, the other loses and there is no such thing as half-measure. The exchange of points as a whole is based on the outcome of the match, the “power” of each team and the margin of victory with a weight when the match is played at home. In “French”, this means that a team called “the strongest” will score fewer points than their opponent in the win situation, and lose more in the event of defeat. Then where is the problem?

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WR ranking as of April 1, 2021. Photo: World Rugby

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