2 Secret Android 12L Features You Can’t Miss

2 Secret Android 12L Features You Can't Miss

Android 12L includes features specific to folding and tablets, and others that will reach all kinds of devices. Here you have two unknown but very interesting functions.

Android 12L This is the new version of Google operating system. This is the first incremental version launched by Google in years, in 2017, it did the same Android 8.1 Oreo.

New version comes aimed Improve the experience on devices with large screens and folding smartphones, thanks to the optimized interface and new tools for this type of device so that developers can improve their apps for this type of device.

But, in addition to improving in that regard, Android 12L also includes other functions Those that have been overlooked, and which we would like to review.

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Android 12L is the version aimed at folding smartphones and tablets.

A new quick wallpaper chooser and option to open split screen notifications

Changes have been discovered by Mishal Rahmani And posted on reddit. first a. refers to the new wallpaper selection menu It appears when you do a long press on an empty space on the home screen. Next to Widgets, Settings, and Wallpaper options, click a Gallery with some of the latest backgrounds used, giving the option to quickly select any one of them.

Android 12L Background Picker

This is the new Android 12L wallpaper chooser.

This is a built in version of the function launcher AOSP default In Android 12L, and for now it is not available in previous versions of the system.

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On the other hand, it turns out that Android 12L will include a new feature focused on improving multitasking. As can be seen in the video below these lines, the new version of the system will allow Open apps in multi-window mode with notifications. To do this, it will be enough Drag from notification to half of the screen.

The function in question is called “Content Notification”, and it was possible to activate it manually in the last Construction Android 12L released by Google. Those who want to go ahead and try the news can do so official android emulator included android studio.

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