5,000 Steam Keys Easter Nest 2022 | piece

 5,000 Steam Keys Easter Nest 2022 |  piece

Chip Easter Nest 2022: As the conclusion of our download campaign, we are giving away 10,000 Steam keys to all readers on Easter Monday. Full versions of games are in high demand, so you have to be quick. Here you already get all the information.

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Steam offers almost everything from indie games to classic games to the latest top titles. At the end of our big Easter Nest campaign, Chip, in collaboration with MMOGA, is again giving away 5,000 Steam keys to all readers. Only those who are in a hurry can secure the gift!

Feather Easter Monday fast at 10 a.m. Here you will find the campaign link and the secret password with which you will receive the key.

If you’re lucky enough to get a key, you’ll need to activate it on Steam in order to download the game. we’ll show you how it works in our practical tip, Also, as a little extra, there are 150 premium Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins in Raffle. For this you can register separately.

In addition to the games, you can dust off three full versions and a secret Easter egg for free today with a total value of 170 euros. Simply visit the campaign page and secure the free download:

Notes on Participation

After registration you will receive your key by email – To prevent misuse, only email addresses of well-known providers such as GMX, T-Online and similar portals are allowed in the campaign. Furthermore, participation is limited to one key per IP address.

Experience has shown that the demand for campaigns is very high, which is why it may happen that the MMOGA campaign page may load more slowly or display an error message. In this case, just try again.

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