6 steps to erase your online footprint

6 steps to erase your online footprint

Privacy is one of the main things you give up to access the digital world. So if you decide to delete your online presence, you’ll have to find and delete each of your photos, videos, tweets, tags, comments, and purchase orders, which is pretty tricky.

However, there are ways to reduce your online footprint, reducing your chances of exposure. your data and control the information available about you on the network.

The only way to remove yourself from the Internet is to control the details available about you on the network. You can take the following steps, as reported by Arab Gateway for Technical News:

Removing your personal data from data collection sites

Some websites, such as Whitepages and MyLife, act as an intermediary to collect data that includes names, phone numbers and addresses of random people, and sell it to anyone who asks. As a result, if you find your name on any of these sites, it is extremely important to request the deletion of your information immediately.

delete old online search results

Search Google for your name, and if you find a page that references you, submit the URL to have the cached search result removed. You unlink the page and there is no guarantee that Google will delete the accumulated information.

delete social media account

Your social media account contains a lot of personal information. This is one of the basic elements that you have to completely skip in this case. To delete these accounts go to your account settings and look for the option to deactivate, delete or close your account.

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It may be available under Security or Privacy option. If deleting the account is impossible, change the account information to random information that does not refer to you in any way.

clear online shopping data

You must either delete or deactivate all your Shopping accounts, clear your browser history including passwords, cache, cookies, bookmarks and payment methods, and then delete your email.

Restrict mobile app permissions

To achieve your goal of complete anonymity, don’t use smart assistant devices like Alexa and Ring. You should also limit which apps can access certain permissions on your phone like location, microphone, and camera.

Use specialized services to clear your data

Some companies on the web provide services that help you find and clean up data you can’t find, such as DeleteMe which periodically checks for a year and removes any personal information from any data collection sites. removes.


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