A blow to Richard Branson: The Federal Aviation Administration lands Virgin Galactic

A blow to Richard Branson: The Federal Aviation Administration lands Virgin Galactic

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today (Friday) grounded billionaire Richard Branson’s space galaxy Virgin Galactic in the context of an investigation that examines whether first manned flight Two months ago at a private company at the edge of space, a malfunction occurred that resulted in the cancellation of the flight.

The New Yorker revealed that a federal agency investigation revealed that on the historic July 11 flight of the Unity-22 spacecraft, which carried two pilots and four passengers, including Branson, warning lights in yellow and red. , indicating a “change in trajectory”. According to the publication, Roshni warned that the spacecraft was not moving vertically enough to allow it to glide back with enough speed for landing.

Although procedures stated that the flight should be aborted in such a case, it was decided to continue as usual, and the crew reached an altitude of 88 km. However, during landing, Unity-22 left its airfield and an as-results probe was opened.

Richard Branson at the entrance of the UNITY spacecraft (Photo: Reuters)

Virgin Galactic, in response to the publication, claimed that the pilots followed instructions and that no one on the spacecraft was in danger, but clarified that “we take this seriously and will try to prevent it from happening again in future missions.” to address the causes of this issue.”

However, the aviation administration decided to close the company until the end of the investigation, and it is not clear if and when the second manned flight will take place at the end of next month. “The company will not return the spacecraft for flight until the agency approves the investigation report or determines that issues related to the malfunction do not affect public safety,” the agency said.

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