A “rave party” held in the “Metaverse” mocks Internet users


A virtual party was presented as a demonstration of the “Metaverse”, the virtual world promised by the tech giant. with disappointing results.

If the future of the web looks like this, it doesn’t have to be unanimous. This January 20, Alex Moss, head of a communications agency and technical director of the NFT platform (digital asset rights that has been very successful for several months), published a video quote in “The Metaverse” describing it as a rave party. ,

As a reminder, “metaverse” is a vague concept, shared by tech giants such as Facebook, that aims to create a virtual 3D world where everyone can meet to play, chat or work. In the case of Alex Moss, this party has mainly been a joke around ion 2022.

Graphics worthy of the early 2000s

On Twitter, many Internet users have pointed to the unmotivated nature of this virtual world, pointing to the total immobility of the characters, who must let off steam on the dance floor.

Comments that put their finger on the fashion impact of this notion of “metaverse” seem to take the codes of well-known platforms such as Second Life, Roblox, at the moment. vrchat Even Habbo Hotel, a twenty-year-old game aimed at teenagers, is taking the form of a virtual world.

In the case of “Rave Party”, the platform used is called Decentraland. In particular, it makes it possible to buy plots of virtual land in cryptocurrency.

Unlike more ambitious projects – such as Facebook – that rely on the use of a virtual reality headset, the party held at Decentraland requires only a cryptocurrency wallet and an account linked to a web browser.

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According to American Media Vice, who devoted himself to the sportDespite the use of a powerful machine, the platform has been characterized by numerous bugs and slowdowns, resulting in a disastrous experience to say the least. To explain the interest of the “metaverse”, companies in this sector have to do better.


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