A series of actions involving a camera-fired disaster, the ending is too bitter for Insiders!

A series of actions involving a camera-fired disaster, the ending is too bitter for Insiders!

Do you and your friends know what the pinnacle of a camera man is? It is not a beautiful picture, a face without a blur, nor a moment when two flies are kissing each other in a split second! It’s all about capturing the “Perfect Golden Moments”.

Typically, these pictures-videos aren’t recorded by professional cameras, but they come from security cameras… in every person’s home. Because everyone is always holding the phone, turn on the camera application and wait for the “precious” opportunity to come. From the day the house had a camera, many precious moments, also known as “1s before the disaster”, went viral on the internet!

First, the clumsy guy below. People say that God abstains from eating, but the husband does not know that the table will not go away from me…

While serving rice…

A whole tray of delicious food was lying on the ground above.

All three were bewildered waiting for the delicious meal. Well, try your best, eat whatever you want.

Next is the cute little girl in the series of animations below. The girl had just jumped into the house when an incident happened.

It was a shoe that flew straight into the soup pot placed on the table. The next action that shocked many was that the girl quietly took off the shoe. The fate of the “mixed sandalwood” soup at present is still a mystery.

A familiar eating posture for many. But make sure it won’t affect the delicious tray of rice on the table.

There is a delicious tray of rice on the table, with the phone ready to eat while livestreaming. But the girl did not expect that her sitting position would be “fake”.

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This is the end for those who love to “keep on the chair”.

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