A way to restore the “worn out” battery in Xiaomi smartphones has been named

Researchers have managed to find out why lithium-ion battery packs lose capacity, rendering them unusable. Thanks to this, it became known how you can restore a worn out battery.


Lithium-ion batteries are widely used. They can be found in smartphones, laptops, wearables and electric cars. Unfortunately, lithium batteries wear out quickly. Scientists at Stanford and the US Department of Energy’s SLAC Laboratory have managed to find a way to partially prevent battery degradation.

Their research has shown that the battery capacity begins to decrease due to fragments of inactive lithium formed during the battery pack’s charging cycle. During charging/discharging, lithium ions move back and forth from one electrode to another. During this “journey” they can stay together. Groups of ions stuck together lose their electrochemical activity. They are unable to reach the electrodes. Thus, some lithium ion ceases to participate in the battery.

To return to how inactive bunches of lithium ions work, the researchers decided to use “shock” charging/discharging. Under the influence of a strong current, the ions “return to action.” The discovery of American researchers can increase the service life of lithium-ion batteries by up to 30%. For this you do not need to change the battery pack. It is enough to set up the production of charges with the “shock” mode.

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