Access to income data, ERGANI, AADE taxpayer registers, etc. To implement due diligence measures by banks

Πρόσβαση σε στοιχεία εισοδήματος, ΕΡΓΑΝΗ, μητρώου φορολογούμενων ΑΑΔΕ κ.ά. από τις τράπεζες για την εφαρμογή μέτρων δέουσας επιμέλειας

With the new verdict 9747 EX 02-04-2021 The process of retrieval from public sector bodies’ information systems is defined within its meaning Article 2 of n. 4727/2020, And the transmission of data necessary for the identification of business activity and annual income of natural persons and verification of contact details By credit institutions and financial institutions, According to your requirements Article 13 of n. 4557/2018. Information system operations and security measures are also regulated, titled “Introducing Yourself” and “No Your Costume” (“Egov-KYC”) in English.

Categories of natural person data Which can be pumped and dispatched Fruiting:
a) identity information
B) contact details
C) income item
D) Description of professional activity of a public servant
E) Statement of professional activity of an employee with dependent employment relationship under private law
F) Details of professional activity of treadman

Identification data extraction

The following online services are used by the eGov-KYC service for the extraction of the identity data of the applicant natural person through the Interoperability Center:
a. Online service for verification of identity data based on the TIN of the applicant from the information system of the tax registry managed by the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE).
Online service for obtaining the following identification data based on the Identity Card Number (ID) of the applicant from the Identity Register of the B Heliconic Police: i) Name, ii) Patron, iii) Matronium, iv) Date of birth, v) Date of birth, v) Issuance of Identity Card, vii) Photograph of Identity Card, if kept in the register of EL.AS, viii, right to issue and issue ix) Number of previous ID number. Names are also printed in Latin characters. , If EL.AS. Available from the register of LET.
The transmission of identity data is specifically for identity documents that are valid at the time of data mining. If the ID number matches a card that is not valid, the data mining process is interrupted.

Remove Contact Information

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An online service of the information system of the National Communications Register (NPM), through the Interoperability Center, used by the e-KYC service, for extraction of contact details of the applicant natural person Article 17 of n. 4704/2020 And the data under 6810 EX 2021 / 09.03.2021 The decision of the Minister of State “Conduct of National Register of Communications (NTUA)” (B ‘988). The following contact details are obtained through the applicant’s tin: i) residence address, ii) contact address, iii) e-mail address, iv) mobile phone number and v) landline number, if available.
In the event that the citizen has not registered with NTUA. Contact details, it will be proposed, transition to NTUA, via eGov-KYC service. To update the registry.

Income data extraction

The applicant uses the e-GOV-KYC service, through the Interoperability Center, a suitable online service of AADE, for the extraction of income data of the natural person.
An online service is obtained, based on the VAT number of the applicant, his actual income (taxable or exempted or taxed in a special way) from all income categories.
Actual income is taken from Table D1 of the last issued Administrative / Corrective Taxation Act of the previous tax year, the year from which the applicant consented to access his income. If no administrative / corrective tax assessment has been issued in this tax year, the income will be derived from the last issued administrative / corrective tax assessment of two (2) previous tax years immediately.

Extraction of professional activity data from the Register of Public Sector Human Resources Register (CENSUS)

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For the extraction of business activity data, used by the e-KYC service when the applicant is working in the state, through the Interoperability Center, the online service of the Public Sector Human Resources Register (CENSUS) for internal or domestic affairs Ministry of
Through the above internet service, data is obtained, based on the VAT number of the employee, for all the declared active positions of the organic position that the employee employs.
The data obtained for each active employment relationship of the applicant are:
i) The institution’s VAT number, if available,
(ii) Name of the body,
iii) Body seat (address).
If the employment agency differs from the applicant’s biological status agency, related data is obtained, if available:
i) VAT number of the institution,
ii) Name of the institution,
iii) Registered Office (Address).
The data obtained for the applicant employee is i) employment relationship and ii) category of employees.

Extraction of business activity data from PS ERGANI

For the extraction of business activity data, when the applicant is employed under private law with a dependent employment relationship, used by the e-KYC service, through the Interoperability Center, notice of the Ministry of Labor and Information System ERGANI’s online service. Social affairs.
Through the above internet service, data is obtained for all registered active employers, based on the applicant’s TIN.
The following are the figures obtained for each active employment relationship: i) the employer’s tin, ii) the employer’s main activity (CAD), iii) the employer’s name, iv) the registered office (address).
For employee data, the employment status (complete, partial or rotating) of the employee to the specific employer is prepared per employer.
If there is an employment branch, the following are also extracted: i) the number of the branch, ii) the seat of the branch, iii) the main activity of the branch (KAD) (number and description).

Extracting business activity data from AADE’s taxpayers’ register.

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For the extraction of professional activity data, when the applicant is a tradesman, an e-KYC service is used, through the Interoperability Center, an online service of the information system of the taxpayers’ register of AADE.
The above is obtained through internet service, based on the TIN of the applicant who corresponds to a natural person and is an active trader, data: i) name, ii) K.A.D. Main and Secondary Activity (Number and Description) iii) Registered office and iv) Date of commencement of activity.

Processing of personal data and rights of subjects

While processing personal data, the Ministry of Digital Governance is responsible for processing. Credit institutions and financial institutions are independent processors.
The processor shall take all appropriate measures to provide the data subject with all the information mentioned in Rules 13 and 14 and any notification under Rules 15 to 22 and Rule 34 of the Rules of Procedure. (EU) 2016/679To facilitate the exercise of the rights provided for by the expansion of the European Parliament and Council (L 119/1), and Articles 15 to 22 of the Rules of Procedure.

Commitment to productive operations

The start date for the productive operation of the EGov-KYC online service is set On 12.4.2021.

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