Also show speed limit in Google Maps: it’s too fast to redraw the function

Also show speed limit in Google Maps: it's too fast to redraw the function
Of course, you’ll need Google Maps to activate the feature, ideally. latest version, In theory, the trick works with other navigation apps as well. You can also download the free Android app velociraptor Download and start it.

Now follow the instructions displayed in the app.

  1. Enable app permission for display overlay. The app will take you to the appropriate settings page.
  2. Allow the app to set the location.
  3. The overlay opens automatically when you start a navigation app, for which you will eventually need to activate the Accessibility service.
If you followed the steps in the app, you will now see your current speed based on GPS data and the maximum speed allowed in Google Maps. You can customize the icons and hide them if you want. The app receives data for the maximum speed allowed through the map service OpenStreetMap, The services of TomTom Maps and Here Maps can also be subscribed for around one euro per month.

You should note, however, that the navigation apps are Power Guzzler—an additional app that continuously measures your speed via GPS drains the battery even more. That’s why you should always have a power bank for your smartphone or a car adapter to charge your cell phone in the car.

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