Amazon Announces Cloud Gaming Stadia and X Cloud Rivals Luna

Amazon Announces Cloud Gaming Stadia and X Cloud Rivals Luna

How many gaming netflix can there be? (Picture: Amazon)

Suddenly, there’s a third streaming service to grab your attention, as Amazon announces a recent attempt Gaming’s Netflix.

There have been vague rumors about it for years but blue Amazon has announced a new game streaming service called Luna for Fire TV, PC, M, C, iOS and Android.

Although many will be quick to compare his game, in which he is from a company with direct experience of gaming, Luna is really close to Micro’s Ft’s exclave, as he uses a subscription model where you pay a monthly fee for more than 100 games for X’s. .

There are no official prices in the UK yet, but U.S. The ‘initial’ price in a month is 99 5.99, which acts as 68 4.68. The implication is that it will not be cheap forever.

The games on offer include some good titles but most are at least a year or two old, yet Amazon is hopeful that more will be added over time.

Some of the big titles include Metro Exodus, Control, Resident Evil 7, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Grid, The Surge 2, Yuka-Leli and The Impossible Layer and Two Point Hospital.

All games can be ‘played’ on two different devices at 4K resolution and up to 60fps and at the same time for one subscription.

Amazon Luna controller

Yes, it’s a controller (Picture: Amazon)

It’s all on Amazon’s own Luna + channel, but they’re also giving publishers and developers the opportunity to run their own, Ubisoft has already signed up to create one.

The Ubisoft channel will include brand new games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, and Immortal Phoenix Rising but will have a different, and no doubt more expensive, fee.

Amazon already owns a Twitch with the ability to watch a stream and integrate into the entire service from the start, the game itself starts playing whatever it wants.

In terms of controllers, you can use a mouse and keyboard, a Bluetooth controller or Amazon’s own Jo Pad – which looks exactly like a Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

The cost of the Luna controller. 49.99 (£ 39) and promises non-smartphone delays of between 17 and 30 milliseconds.

There is no launch date for the service yet, just one U.S. Website Sign-up to be part of early access access. So it may be a while before any of this comes to the UK.

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