An amazing new feature is coming soon

WhatsApp new amazing feature

WhatsApp: There is still news from the most used messaging application in the world, this time a really incredible new feature is coming.

WhatsApp: A new feature is coming

Instant messaging application WhatsApp Once again bets. In fact, an incredible new feature may be coming soon that can turn your dreams into reality. Let’s quickly see what it is.

Ditch with telegram

Even though today it still seems to have many limitations for the time being WhatsApp Trying to make up for that gap in the last period with a competitive app Wire. Although, in reality, the two applications are quite similar, there are some significant privacy differences that they will Wire Overall safe. However, to understand which of the two platforms is superior to the other, you must first consider your needs. For example, to protect your sensitive data Wire Allows you to initiate a secret chat that destroys itself and sets a block on message forwarding.

But it is especially in the last period WhatsApp Tried to close the existing gap with its main competitor by integrating the application with multiple functions such as the use of a Password to protect your conversation And various accessory options such as stickers and stickers. Finally, there is also another incredible task among other innovations that can eventually turn users’ dreams into reality. Let’s find out immediately which is which.

WhatsApp: What is amazing new feature

Whatsapp new amazing feature
What can be done with whatsapp

According to which was reported on Twitter WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon give its iOS and Android users the ability to access the program Whatsapp web beta. That way, customers will ultimately be able to take advantage Whatsapp web It is necessary to be connected to the internet without your smartphone. To use Whatsapp web beta, You will be able to use Whatsapp web Without keeping the phone connected to the Internet, ”he explains WABetaInfo. “This will be a part of the multi-device capabilities that will be available later.” According to what was communicated, it is clear that this project will open the way for another important work in this way. WhatsApp It has been working for some time. Support for use on multiple devices at the same time. and you? What do you think

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