Apple holds a patent for adopting the mesh structure of the Mac Pro, which was made fun of as a “cheese grater” for the iPhone housing – GIGAZINE

Apple holds a patent for adopting the mesh structure of the Mac Pro, which was made fun of as a

On March 30, 2021, Apple obtained 77 new patents. In 2019, some patents were announced by Apple.Mac proIt has been talked about that there is a metal structure that looks like a “cheese grater” with several holes overlapping three-demons, which was adopted in the iPhone, on behalf of the iPhone.

Apple has a patent for the 3D structural design of the Mac Pro that may one day be extended to future iPhones – Patent Apple detailed Do-the-future-iphone.html

Apple Patent opens the door for future iPhones to use Mac Pro’s Cheese Greater Design – 9to5Mac

Held in June 2019WWDC 2019The Mac Pro is announced by arranging a unique mesh structure in the housing part.Called “cheese grater” by foreign usersI did

28-core Intel Xeon processor and monster machine “Mac Pro” that can be equipped with up to 1.5 TB of memory, -Gaz

Apple has aimed to create an air flow and keep the terminal at a low temperature by adopting this unique mesh structure for the iPhone housing. This would allow the iPhone to have a more powerful processor, which Patently Apple reported reporting Apple’s patent information.

The patentAccording to the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, the mesh structure is a three-dimensional structure that can “stack one or more cavities by stacking two cavities so that they are slightly offset”. It is designed to maintain the integrity of the structure has gone. Is making a way.

If you place this mesh structure on your iPhone, it will look like the following. Not only is the mesh structure arranged sideways, but it is also possible to keep the inside low by allowing the air to flow through the terminal, using the mesh structure inside as well.

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Apple notes adopting this lattice structure for the iPhone “can help with thermal management and structural support.”

However, keep in mind that not all Apple-acquired patents are used in products. Since the current iPhones are waterproof and dustproof, “it’s interesting how to maintain a waterproof and dustproof design with a lattice-structured housing,” Apple-related media 9to5Mac wrote.

In addition, Apple has patented that the mesh structure can be adopted for all devices such as portable media players, media storage terminals, portable digital assistants, tablet computers, computers, mobile communication terminals, GPS units, remote-compatible control devices, etc. is. Since it states that it can be done, it can be adopted for terminals other than the iPhone.

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