Apple launches new iPad mini in new colors

Apple launches new iPad mini in new colors

Apple announced the brand new iPad mini that features a new bezel with narrower bezels and rounded corners. The iPad Mini is currently the company’s smallest tablet, even with the increase in size.

And the new device includes an 8.3-inch screen, making it more applicable as a device for multitasking or schoolwork. It’s available for pre-order, Tuesday, and next week starting at $499.

It was rumored that the company is considering to showcase a mini LED display on the new iPad. Similar to the larger iPad Pro screen. But the iPad mini 6 came with a regular Liquid Retina display.

The design of the iPad mini has remained largely consistent since its debut in 2012. The new model is a radical change from the traditional design, with slimmer bezels compared to the iPad mini 5 and new color options.

The new tablet includes USB-C, Touch ID (without Face ID), a new speaker system with stereo in landscape mode, and a new 12MP camera with True Tone flash and front and rear 12MP camera upgrades including 4K video recording have been done. With Focus Pixels in the back and a new 12MP ultra-high-resolution camera at the front, the tablet could support Apple’s Center Stage feature.

Full screen design is enabled by moving Touch ID to the top button of the iPad mini. Touch ID provides the ease of use and secure authentication that users are familiar with. To unlock the device, sign in to apps or use Apple Pay.

It also supports Wi-Fi 6 and 5G networks with download speeds of up to 3.5Gbps, as well as the second-generation Apple Pencil that attaches magnetically to the side of the chassis.

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The chassis also features 100 percent recycled aluminum. Soldering to the main logic board is comprised of 100 percent recycled tin and the body magnets are 100 percent rare earth elements.

The company cited 40 percent faster processor performance and 80 percent faster GPU performance.

The new horizontal stereo speakers, along with the new screen, provide an immersive movie watching experience.

The advanced machine learning functions are powered by a 16-core neural engine and the new machine learning accelerator in the CPU. It provides machine learning tasks twice as fast as its predecessor.

And in combination with CPU and GPU. Neural Engine enables apps to provide next-level experiences such as image recognition and natural language learning.

With its ultra-portable design and wide range of uses from everyday tasks to creative and enterprise apps, there’s nothing quite like the iPad mini. And with the new all-screen Liquid Retina display and massive performance boost,

And with new advanced cameras front and back, center stage, USB-C, 5G, and Apple Pencil support, the new iPad mini is a huge leap forward that fits in the palm of your hand.


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