Apple will not collect data without permission

Apple will not collect data without permission

US tech giant Apple’s iPhone operating system iOS will now ask users for permission to display ads before collecting their personal information. Although Apple collects user information by default or as part of a general standard, the company will ask the user for permission prior to iOS 15. Apple will now show any ads to users in the App Store and News based on the information the user is reading, what they are buying and what they are searching for from the device. Until now, Apple has been collecting that information without informing the user or without any direct permission. The company plans to change that approach. Apple has made it mandatory for developers to allow users to collect information for advertising through ‘App Tracking Transparency’. The company is trying to maintain the same standards in its advertising business. If the device is running a beta version of iOS 15, a ‘personalized ad’ will pop up when the user opens the App Store. While ads help users discover new apps, products, and other services, user ‘privacy’ devices

Apple claims to protect the information generated through a generated identifier and without linking the advertising information to an Apple ID.

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