Arlo Secure and Secure Plus: New subscription plans include an unlimited number of cameras

Photo: Arlo

With “Arlo Secure” and “Arlo Secure Plus”, Arlo introduces new service subscriptions for its own smart security cameras. They offer the functions of the previous “Arlo Smart” subscription, but now cover an unlimited number of cameras so that users no longer have to pay for them personally.

There are 3 subscriptions to choose from

While Arlo Secure can still be booked for 2.99 euros per month for a single camera – and therefore 20 cents more expensive than previous Arlo Smarts – Arlo Secure Plus always covers all cameras for 14.99 euros per month does. However, if Arlo Secure is to be used for multiple cameras, it costs €9.99 per month.

The two new tariffs will replace Arlo’s previous smart plans. In addition to security cameras like the Arlo Pro 4 or Arlo Essential Video Doorbell (Test), a subscription can be booked, but does not have to be booked. Above all, they extend the functions by storing recordings in the cloud for 30 or 60 days, which is otherwise impossible or possible only with additional hardware due to lack of local connection. The plans also offer additional AI-backed detection functions and customizable security settings.

Secure Plus also extends the guarantee

With Arlo Secure, recordings are stored in the cloud for up to 30 days with a maximum 2K resolution, on the other hand with Arlo Secure Plus, up to 60 days with 4K resolution. In addition, Arlo Secure Plus extends the guarantee by another 12 months if the customer has subscribed for at least 6 months prior to claiming under the guarantee. Membership in one of the two Arlo Secure plans also includes a free replacement of the Arlo camera in the event of theft.

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additional recognition functions

The two subscriptions activate an additional, AI-supported identification function on Arlo cameras, which can differentiate between people, animals, vehicles and parcels. This way, the user can choose in the app which identified items he wants to be notified about and which items he doesn’t want to be disturbed. If desired, the number of notifications can be significantly reduced by notifying only of the relevant recorded movements.

In addition, with the subscription, users can watch a preview video on the smartphone’s lock screen and immediately activate the security camera’s integrated siren, even when the smartphone is locked, if necessary, to unlock and access I don’t waste any time. App.

Arlo Service Plan
Arlo service plans (Image: Arlo)

Videos are archived in Europe

Arlo saves all recordings uploaded to the cloud as part of two subscriptions on European servers and guarantees that the video sets will be completely deleted at the end of the storage period. Apart from the user himself, no one has access to the encrypted video.

Try it free for three months

With the purchase of an Arlo product, Arlo Secure can be tried for three months free of charge. Users of the previous Smart subscription will continue to have the service they have booked and the option to switch to Arlo Secure or Secure Plus. You will not be automatically switched to one of the new subscriptions.

Nest already took a similar move in late 2019, changing the subscription model from one paid subscription per camera to a monthly fee for all cameras in a household.


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