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Gammon Group Ltd. today announced that it has obtained and officially replaced the distribution agency rights for the MMORPG Magic Mobile game “Light of Dawn” developed by Linekong Interactive Group Company in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. “Dawn” Awakening’s name: Return of Pervert “, is in the final stages of game preparation, and will be launched in a dual-platform store in the near future. Log in before, and open appointments today!”

Pre-Login Activity:http://s.gameone.com/IWcvoa8
official Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/lmzh.gameone

● Official quality private server enjoyment
“Dawn Awakens: Return of Pervert” is an improved version of “Dawn of Light”. Players can experience the moving and refreshing combat operations of the original “Dawn of Light” in the game. In addition, the official objective is to improve. The player’s game feels refreshed, this will optimize the complex and boring practice process over the duration of the end game, improving the experience value calculation and setting of monsters. Players will be able to comfortably enjoy other monsters that can only be experienced by the private. Server, and experience the return of the king. Not only this, the iconic Dev level equipment in the game will also be given directly to the players, so that the players can enjoy the highest intensity of the King’s spirit, and embrace the King on his adventurous journey!

● A 720-degree game scene feast begins a battle of three places of land, sea and air
“Awakening of Dawn: Return of Pervert” adds a 720-degree panoramic flight mode with no dead ends. You can enjoy the thrill of flying freely in the sky. This will make the player experience the gravity-free air combat gameplay. Surface! In the game, you can not only attack monsters, solve missions during free flight, and clean the drains. More exciting is that you can compete with other players in three locations of land, sea and air in PvP anytime and anywhere. Skill combo and flying jump position, clever calculated flight physical strength, angle and altitude, challenge the player’s operating range!

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● ARPG Extreme experiences the best and most unusual PVP battles
In addition to the aerial combat adventure, “Dawn of Awakening: Return of Pervert” also brings players a high-quality, high-flow, most stable hand experience and a pure ARPG adventure journey. Each character has more than two hundred types of skill combinations. Not only that, players can also enjoy cross-server PvP’s zero-latency matching, uninterrupted combat action connections between microseconds, and extremely realistic attacks and attacks. Experience, every battle is the most extreme emotion and visual feast.

● Raja recruitment will be started immediately, and you will be the first to receive combat readiness resources
The pre-login event of “Awakening of Dawn: Return of Pervert” is open for appointment today. Players who like to play the MMORPG game type and may be the first to follow the official fan group and understand the rhythm of the malformed private server. Hands game information!

Players can enjoy zero delay PvP battle

Players can comfortably enjoy other monsters that can only be experienced in private servers, and the King’s return game experience

Game Name: “Dawn Awakening: Return of Pervert”
Game Type: MMORPG
Operating Company: Gameone
Pre-Login Activity:http://s.gameone.com/IWcvoa8
official Fan Page:https://www.facebook.com/lmzh.gameone


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