Blizzard teases more craft craft projects, possibly new Warcraft 4 RTS

President of Blizzard J. Alan Break teases new craft craft projects for 2021, and not all of them will connect to World Warcraft craft. We can see Warcraft 4 at some point.

Blizzard teases more craft craft projects, possibly new Warcraft 4 RTS 5 |

Outside of the vehicle, the craft franchise has a kind of stability. The reality is that Blizzard doesn’t need to release a new main line game to make money. Snowfall is dependent on live service revenue from the Wah and shores by hundreds of millions per quarter. The franchise started out as a fantasy strategy game, but hasn’t had a proper warcraft RTS in 17 years. That could change soon in 2021.

In Activision-Blizzard Call recent earnings, J. of Blizzard. Alan Break confirmed two big things: the Warcraft team is expanding, and Blizzard is considering creating new Warcraft experiences outside of the current MMORPG.

“We’ve talked about our plans to expand the size of the development teams, and we intend to follow the launch of more content Shadowlands in both the modern game and the classic. But if we go back, we’ll think of it as a warcraft. A huge suffrage, and that’s it. Is a part. We are always exploring how to express craft craft with new experiences and we have many opportunities for development in 2021 and beyond. “ Brake said.

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Here are some possible consequences. We can see that Warcraft 4 was released on PC as a full-featured RTS. We’ll probably be watching some sort of fantastic third person BR hybrid set in the Warcraft universe, or maybe even some kind of PVE hero combat game.

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A more probable scenario is the Warcraft mobile game. Activision-Blizzard has consistently promised that all of its major franchisees will have some sort of mobile port, and 2018 report Said Blizzard was working on a Pokemon GO-style AR game set in the Warcraft universe.

Wcraft Craft 4 or a mobile game with in-game microtransactions? Unfortunately, the latter is more likely.


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