Blocking alerts and battery limit for each application

Blocking alerts and battery limit for each application

Android 13, the next version of Google’s operating system is still a long way off, but its initial version is already leaked on the net, This reveals a number of innovations that will likely make their way to Pixel devices and other models that will be upgraded in about a year.

The most important innovation that can be pointed out meanwhile is a system called The Android Resource Economy (STARS for short). The system sets an overall “budget” for system resources, based on the amount of energy remaining in the battery. Each app receives an allocation from the budget, and accordingly determines how much it can run in the background. Apps that demonstrate greater efficiency or importance are more likely to have larger budgets, and vice versa – “negative” apps will find themselves at the bottom of the list.

Another change seen in the leaked initial version is requiring pre-approval for any app designed to send alerts to the user, similar to the situation in iOS. Another line alignment with Apple’s operating systems is the ability to set a different language for each application. In the current case, the operating system’s language will also determine the language for all installed applications, unless they use their own settings menu for that matter.

New features revealed in leaked screenshots of Android 13;  Introducing the first look!  ,  Beebom

Lastly, you may also notice some minor cosmetic changes in Android 13, including rearranging the lock screen and the clock that appears on it.

It’s important to emphasize that this is just a preview of a product that’s still in its infancy, so there may be many more changes later. Additional innovations are likely to be made for Android 13, but these are not yet included in the leaked version on the web.

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