Canada’s first 3D printed accommodation is now bookable

Canada's first 3D printed accommodation is now bookable

There are also many companies that have taken advantage of 3D printing to create easy his work. One area to benefit from this technology has been architecture and construction, since larger structures can be built where humans can live in less time and require fewer people.

Advantages of 3D Printing

Dutch company TAM has made official home building Thank you all for 3D printing. The strange thing about this building is that it is the first to have this technology in Canada and anyone can enjoy it as it is a dwelling we can reserve Priced at 139 euros per night via Airbnb.

This house is named after Fibonacci House, It is named after the famous Italian mathematician who is known for creating the unforgettable Fibonacci succession, which represents all natural numbers in a spiral.

In fact, this spiral is what inspired the architects in the design of this home. Another feature as far as the design is concerned is that in the walls are completely curved And the general structure of the building strives to use as few straight lines as possible.

The accommodation has a spacious living room with kitchen which has everything needed for cooking. what’s more, it has two floors, which makes the house perfect for up to four people.

There is also a large courtyard outside it. This outdoor area is not created with a 3D printer, but Natural and recycled materials.

Future project of 3D printed houses

Whatever the company earns through reservations made by the people, will be allotted to a future project of flats Joe wants to form an association called World Housing, which wants to build houses where people live.

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3D House

Given the success of the Fibonacci House, the organization intends to use it as their first piece to begin building plans for this futuristic house. World Housing hopes to be able to first set of houses Thanks to the 3D printers in which families live.

In addition, the group also believes that it is even better to use this technology to build houses improve quality The materials from which houses are made.


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