Car News: The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is an electric car that everyone will look back on

Car News: The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is an electric car that everyone will look back on

Hyundai has not only retained the distinctive silhouette and unique pixel illumination, but also has more inconspicuous features that we didn’t even notice at the time.

“The miracles begin on boarding. Just look at what the handle is. It must be pressed …. Then the machine shuts down. Oh, wait. Re, how simple wow, how much the interior suits the exterior and first from Ioniq How far away! This screen though. Can’t remember anything? Mercedes is Mercedes, ”says Normunds Evotik.

The climate control unit is also not uncommon.

“It can be safely put in an expensive car. Hyundai may sell this design to others. Maybe that is why there is no Hyundai logo on the steering wheel, you can imagine what you are driving!”

The cabin is spacious and there is no lower part in front of the panels. Between the seats is a sliding console, just like a large minivan. Yes, but where can you put “in motion?” Ah, behind the wheel!

“Let’s see what happens in sports mode. By the way, they are switched here in an ambitious way – with buttons on the steering wheel like an Italian sports car.

Oz, oz, oz. So how does it go with 300 hp and two engines? “

This variant of the Ioniq 5 gets a 217 horsepower electric motor at the rear.

“What about their reach? We have 58% left and we can cover 225 km with them.”

So these also come together for 400 kilometers. We expected the same from the 73 kWh battery. Hyundai works well for energy recovery if you allow using the pedals under the steering wheel, but in i pedal mode it offers to drive without touching the brake pedal at all.

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“Unless the car is built around an engine, a bigger car deserves a bigger trunk. I think it’s big enough. It’s not deep, but tall and wide. Enough for bags and luggage There is space, it can be used as a wardrobe. ”

The Ioniq 5 is nothing like its main competitors. The rear still gets the original disc brakes, but the charging cover opens and closes with an electric drive. If you haven’t covered Hyundai electric car dimensions yet, then you need to look back.

“Wheelbase or base is 3 metres. It is like Mercedes ML or similar SUV. There is no ventilation hatch in the middle as the center console slides in. Hyundai has solved this elegantly – the ventilation is big like the roof. The SUV is in the pillar.

When I got to film it, I knew I would pay attention to it. But everyone from the homeless to the millionaires will look back on it, I didn’t expect it.”

And there is already something to see – even its light … the finishing material, which is very different from other Hyundais, makes you touch the steering wheel of this intelligent electric car even after three days invites.


“And then I realized what Hyundai was planning. It certainly wasn’t another Ioniq, because then the machine would look completely different. Hyundai has decided to get on another sled. Size, form, impression, In terms of comfort, finish, etc. In fact, it is already a premium electric car.”

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