China builds an “artificial moon” on Earth to prepare for its next space mission. Technology

  China builds an

China made artificial MoonOn earth to prepare space missions for our satellite.

The artificial moon simulates the conditions prevailing on the Moon, primarily the lack of gravity.

Li Ruilin, a scientist at the China University of Mining and Technology, said the simulation booth located in Xuzhou city would be operational in the coming months.

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This is a unique program of its kind. Gravity in this special orbit, which would consist of stones corresponding to those on the Moon, would be minimal, that is, 1/6 of that on Earth, while a special magnetic field would be created.

That is, objects and people would be expected to swing, as we see in space missions.

It is believed that the experiments that will be done there will help scientists a lot in organizing a mission to the Moon, which will also conduct research to find water.

This chamber will be open to scientists from all over the world.

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