Chrome will soon have “HTTPS only” mode

Chrome will soon have

In return, Google will integrate the “HTTPS only” option into its Chrome browser. The publisher hasn’t made any announcements, but the feature is already visible in the experimental Canary version, as noted by Bleeping Computer. It will probably be available for Chrome 93 version at the end of August.

The purpose of this option is to force the browser to make all its connections in HTTPS, and never in HTTP. Chrome since 90, browser already promotes HTTPS connections. When an Internet user enters a URL without specifying a protocol, Chrome will first attempt a connection in HTTPS, before switching to HTTP if this is not possible. With “HTTPS only” mode, this automatic switchover will no longer happen. The browser will alert the user who can then decide whether they want to continue browsing.

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HTTPS options are becoming more common in browsers. firefox Offers “HTTPS only” mode since last November. Edge, for its part, would be a “Automatic HTTPS” From version 92 onwards, available July 22. It will be similar to how Chrome works today.

source: bleeding computer

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