Classic PC game comes to smartphones

Classic PC game comes to smartphones

classic strategy game, age of Empires, will take an important step and soon will come to smartphone From the hands of an important study.

developer company, Tencent, who has worked in videogames such as call of duty mobile You pokemon unite, will make this option possible.

TiMi Studios, part of the developer, is already working on a version of the iconic game for the smartphone operating system.

his name is “return to empire“And although it doesn’t have the same title, it is an official product of Age of Empires. In fact, the work is done in conjunction with xbox game studio You the edge of the world, the manager of the original saga.

The new project will link the Eastern and Western kingdoms, in addition maintain basic gameplay Strategy that characterizes the franchise.

Return to Empire will come to the system iOS and Android And the game will be free to play, although it will have paid content as usual.

The release date for this mobile version of Age of Empires is not yet known, but it is initially scheduled to debut in China. For now, it Saturday 14 August, TiMi Studios Group will be the first to show video game gameplay.

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In addition to the above version on smartphones, it should be remembered that it is added in arrival age of empires 4 An ambitious new installment comes out for PC, on October 28, 16 years after the franchise’s debut.

Return to the Empire


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