Climate neutrality: a focus on energy communities –

Climate neutrality: a focus on energy communities -


Burgenland wants to be climate-neutral by 2030. To achieve this goal, private energy communities will also be used in the future – but research projects will also be focused on.

Research Burgenland asks itself what activities to determine to establish energy communities. To Markus Pucheger, the head of the center, it is certainly clear that if you want to achieve the energy transition, you can only do it together. Politics, business and the public should do their job.

regional energy community

There is a project in which these areas are already working together in Neudorf (Mattersberg district). The community is working with partners from research and business to implement a project to expand renewable energy and prevent blackouts. According to the researchers, the more families that participate, the greater the benefit. In general, work is currently being carried out on the development of so-called local communities, with a focus on sharing, joint production and use of energy. According to Markus Keding, managing director of Research Burgenland, it is important that such an energy community responds as quickly as possible to climate change in Burgenland.

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