Controls and steps to open electronic purses with national ID cards ..

ببطاقة الرقم القومي.. ضوابط وخطوات فتح المحافظ الإلكترونية للهاتف المحمول

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Saturday 27 March 2021

Books – Ala Hajjaj:

E-wallet via mobile phone is one of the electronic payment methods through which money can be received and transferred, as well as bill payments for many government services, such as electricity, gas and water bills. can be done.

The four telecommunications companies allow their customers to open an electronic wallet, according to specific terms and conditions.

Masravi explained the rules governing the use of electronic wallets via mobile phones and steps for four telecom companies to open an electronic wallet for their mobile line, “Vodafone-Orange-Etisalat-Hum”, rules Determined by the National Telecom Regulatory Authority,

Every customer has the right to open 3 electronic wallets (maximum) on his national ID card.

Only one e-wallet can be opened on a mobile phone line.

This service is provided only to Egyptians who have valid national identity cards.

Transfers are made within the Arab Republic of Egypt only in local currency (Egyptian pound).

The daily limit for withdrawals, transfers and any deductions from electronic wallets for natural persons is 30 thousand pounds, and the daily maximum for withdrawals and transfers and any deductions from electronic wallets for legal persons is 40 thousand pounds.

The monthly limit for withdrawals, transfers and any deductions from the electronic wallet of natural persons is 100 thousand pounds.

The monthly limit for withdrawals, transfers, and any deductions from legal persons’ electronic wallet is 200 thousand pounds.

Customers can transfer money between different e-wallets and for this, it is not necessary to be a customer of the bank of the same mobile company.

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The customer must withdraw and deposit from their wallet.

No transaction can be completed without entering the customer’s password.

Password must not be less than six digits “as a minimum” and eight digits are preferred.

Passwords should not be allowed as PINs such as 111111 or 123456 to open an e-wallet application. Password must be entered

Password must be complex (example: consisting of eight characters and containing letters, numbers, special characters, etc.).

Steps to open electronic wallet

1- Go to the nearest branch of your mobile company, in which a valid national number card and a mobile phone line is registered in your name.

2- Fills and signs an application for membership for customer service.

3- The customer receives a text message with a service activation code and a link to the service application of their mobile company.

4- The customer creates a secret number for the application.

5- Subsequently, the customer has an electronic wallet, and can recharge or use the balance in various payment services.

Services paid through e-wallet are charging mobile phone balances, paying telecom, electricity, gas and water bills, transferring and depositing funds for individuals through mobile phone wallets .


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