Controversial developer gets punished by Valve

Controversial developer gets punished by Valve

From Ronda Bachchan ,
One of the most inconsistent developers has clearly been shown its limits on Steam. The developer behind the gladiator management sim Domina was briefly banned from posting his own games on the Steam forums. The developer had previously made political statements in its patch notes, among other things.

The gladiator management sim Domina was very well received by players on Steam until the developer started making his own. Include political stances in your patch notes, In addition to the usual content, players suddenly received hate speech against wearing masks to prevent COVID and against “soft” men and members of the LGBT community. Valve apparently stepped in and banned the developer from posting in its game forum on Steam.

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The developer uploaded a screenshot to his Twitter account showing the ban on the Steam forum. “This is the second time one of your posts has violated our discussion rules and guidelines, specifically insulting or insulting another user,” Valve said in a statement. “We’re also seeing offensive messages being sent to players when they’ve been banned from your Hub.” The developer then dismissed the moderation as “losers and cowards” who want to stifle his opinion. The game’s official account, Domina, was previously banned from both Twitter and Bandcamp because the developer equated its support of pedophilia to trans youth.

The developer also complains that its game Domina is being scrapped by “fraudulent reviewers” on Steam. Their efforts to flag these reviews were said to have been interrupted by the moderation team on the gaming platform. Domina has long been well received on Steam. After the developer included his political views in patch notes, several players pointed to this fact and left the rating at “mostly negative”.

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However, along with the negative reviews for the game, there are some fans of the game who, like the developer, expressed their hatred towards the LGBT community. In this case, it doesn’t seem to be about game dominatrix anymore. Valve says the company doesn’t control content unless it’s illegal content or “pure trolling.”

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