Copper Theft – Resident Film Gutter Robbers: “Hey, You’re On Camera” | regional

 Copper Theft - Resident Film Gutter Robbers:

“Hey, you’re on camera” ,

Resident movies rain gutter robbers at work

Hamburg – It is a mild summer night on Vereinsstrasse.

However, it is not the high temperatures that rob residents Rune Peterson (name changed) from sleep at 3.50 a.m., but the commotion in front of the bedroom window.

When he pushes the curtain aside, he can hardly believe his eyes!

In front of him, two dark figures twinkle along the downpipe, trying to tear it apart with all their might.

Copper thieves in residential area!

Peterson, quick-witted, begins filming the criminals, shouting: “Hey, you’re on camera.”

One of the pipe robbers (red pants, blond dreadlocks) immediately runs away with his pants half down, loses his balance and falls to the ground on his face.

Ouch! One of the petty criminals falls on his nose while running

Photo: 1414 Pathak Reporter

Brazen: The other crook just keeps on walking – until the local resident yells at him that the police are coming.

At the front, strangers remove part of the rainwater downpipe

At the front, strangers remove part of the rainwater downpipe

Photo: 1414 Pathak Reporter

They searched the area with several patrol cars, but called off the search at 4:20 pm without success.

A police spokesman: “Officers found a downpipe that had already been removed from the house.”

Resident Peterson: “The officers were very pleased with my video.”

The pipe crooks are still absconding. Note: 040-4286-56789.

Infographic: Crime statistics, fewer thefts and pickpockets in Hamburg
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