Crypto Scammers Wanted Internationally: Where Is Ruja Ignatova Hiding? , regional

 Crypto Scammers Wanted Internationally: Where Is Ruja Ignatova Hiding?  ,  regional

Bielefeld/Düsseldorf – “We want to be the biggest cryptocurrency in the world – bigger than bitcoin,” Dr. Ignatova greets thousands of enthusiasts at London’s venerable Wembley Stadium. That was in 2016.

Only months later, the Bulgarian-born, who likes to refer to herself as the “crypto queen,” went into hiding. And with it, an estimated four billion euros have disappeared. Now the Public Prosecutor’s Office in LKA Düsseldorf and Bielefeld is chasing the fraudster with the photographs.

The good looking lawyer is one of the biggest scammers in criminal history. Along with his partners, he tricked thousands of investors around the world with his cryptocurrency “OneCoin”.

In Germany alone he stole 88 million euros.

Another picture of millionaire scammer

Photo: Police

“We are the bitcoin killer. We are fast, secure and cheap,” he promised. But in reality it was all just a fake.

With stolen money, Ignatova, who grew up in southern Germany and studied law, financed a life of luxury with expensive villas, a superyacht, a Rolls-Royce and art treasures. Rumor has it that Ignatova hid millions of euros in cash in her properties.

She has been in hiding since October 2017. He was last seen in Athens. There they lose track. NRW’s targeted investigators who have been trying to track down Ruja Ignatova since 2020 have also been unsuccessful.

The new public search runs through Interpol and Europol in 194 countries. A reward of €5,000 has been offered for the informant leading to the arrest of Ruja Ignatova. Telephone Number: 0211-9396644

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