Crypto Victims Visit KDK: Site Shut Down!

Crypto Victims Visit KDK: Site Shut Down!

Ever since the crypto currency issue came to the fore, one of the most talked about topics is individuals who are victimized by malicious people. It is possible to fall victim to this problem in almost every country. as we said thodex As in our country, there is a group of victims. These victims have now taken a new step and have taken their grievances to the Lokpal Sansthan (KDK). As is known, the Institute of Lokpal (KDK) acts as a bridge between public administration and citizens. Institute of Ombudsman (KDK), currently cryptocurrencies from the victims Investigates complaints.

Cryptocurrency Victims Apply to KDK

In an application to the Ombudsman’s Institution, it was said that the complainant can buy and invest crypto money through a website in 2021 under the guidance of his friend. The complainant insists that after becoming a member of the site directed by his friend, he received suggestions from the investment advisor. but complainant He stressed that he is always advised to make the same crypto money purchases.

The complainant says that he has faith in the system as he has withdrawn some of his invested money. He even goes on to say that he told some of his friends about his investments and helped them invest as well. On the other hand, investment they do He said that when the value of cryptocurrency goes up, they want to withdraw money, but they are asked for money.

Money was demanded from those who did not shoot.

The complainant says that money was also demanded from his friends even though they had never made the film. Interestingly, he also emphasized that if the requested funds are not deposited at the earliest, they are informed by e-mail that the site will be taken under maintenance and shut down. The applicant, who followed the subject closely, posted on the social media of the website concerned that hundreds of Turkish citizen’s They say that they are committing fraud by not verifying their accounts, confiscating their money.

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The complainant insists that the site is still open and continues to defraud people. The applicant specifically states that when he wanted to file a suit for revocation of access to the site, the file was directed to cybercrime, but no action could be taken as it is a foreign site. For these reasons, the complainant should take necessary action regarding the concerned site and of site He applied to the Lokpal Institute to get it closed. The Ombudsman Institute receiving the complaint application will decide on the application after its scrutiny.

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